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For many, the birthday is one of the most beautiful days of the year at a young age. Birthday wishes and above all gifts round off this special day. This fact changes over time, because with each new cradle festival, one’s own age is becoming increasingly important. But as much as you resist, in the end the birthday party is and remains a nice thing for most people.

Eventually you meet family and friends again – possibly for a long time. As soon as the embarrassing birthday serenity and birthday greetings are over, the party can start. But why do we actually celebrate birthdays and send birthday greetings?

Congratulations from a distance – how it works

The quickest and easiest way is of course to pull out your smartphone and send birthday wishes via WhatsApp, Facebook and Co. With the right saying, this should usually be enough – but what about special situations such as an anniversary? There are also some solutions for such special days – especially a postcard; converted into a birthday card. These can be designed easily and quickly online and can be sent directly to the recipient together with your own congratulations. We have already covered how this works in our holiday greetings article:

Postcards on a table

Another insider tip is bouquets of flowers. In the digital age, these can also be ordered online and delivered to any address. There is usually a card with your congratulations, funny birthday sayings and everything else you can think of. We have also created a separate article on the subject of sending flowers:

Classic birthday wishes for WhatsApp

Many people do not want to congratulate their loved ones with unusual birthday sayings. This choice does not have to be simple and simple, but can also be creative and special. There are a few ideas in the following selection:

  • Today I woke up thinking about you and it occurred to me that today must be your birthday! ? Happy Birthday! ?
  • Today I want to sweeten your jubilee day with cell phone greetings. Congratulations!
  • I almost missed your birthday today. Luckily I remembered it, so all the best from all of us. Happy Birthday! ?
  • For my birthday I wish you only the best, health at the top! ? But I give you the very best, first of all! ?
  • Yes, I take a big sip auf on the birthday child, and that includes: Congratulations Gruß, greeting and handshake ?
  • I wish you all the best for the cradle festival ? all the best and also – that is very clear: Happy New Year! ?
  • I wish you to your cradle party?, the best of the best and the best of the best! ?
  • One year older – don’t take it too hard and get the faxes, otherwise you’ll be grown up. Happy Birthday! ?
  • For your birthday I wish you that this new year will be your most beautiful year from now. sofort Happy Birthday! ?
  • This birthday? is also the start of a 365-day journey around the world? around the sun. Enjoy the next round! ?
  • I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart? because you are just wonderful! My thoughts are with you, I hold you very tight? and look forward to your new year! ?
  • You should enjoy every day, you should be happy and funny?. So I wish you happiness, happiness and sunshine for all hours! Warm greetings for your birthday!
  • A year old, do not be angry.? You will only become more mature, more interesting and always smarter.?

Funny WhatsApp birthday sayings for the cradle party

If you want to make the happy birthday child laugh or at least smile, you can try the humorous way. Classic birthday greetings in a funny format certainly have an effect:

  • Happy birthday. Statistics show that too many birthdays can be fatal. Celebrate beautifully and let it really crack
  • And another year closer to retirement! ? Happy birthday! ?
  • I heard you got your birthday today. As a good friend, I have of course forgotten your age, but I wish you all the best and good health
  • Statistics say that people with many birthdays live longer! ???
  • What you can uncork today, don’t postpone it until tomorrow! Cheers! ?
  • You can see that you will get older if the birthday candles?️ cost more than the cake! ?
  • If someone comes up with the idea of ​​calling you old: Hit him with your stick and throw your teeth after him! Birthday Happy Birthday! ?
  • In the kitchen? ? In the bathroom? ? On the desk? ? By the fireplace? With “40” it is a great achievement to remember where the car key was last! ?️ All the best! ?
  • A few words of wisdom on your birthday: Smile as long as you have teeth! ? Happy birthday! ?
  • You have a hangover face at the age of 20 all day at 50. Good luck and happy 50th birthday
  • The paint is off, but the primer is still top notch! ?
  • The first 40 years of childhood are always the hardest … ??

Loving WhatsApp sayings on Honor Day

Sometimes you cannot see and hug the birthday child in person. A virtual hug or a kiss on the cheek can also be generated by nice messages:

  • Because today is your birthday, I’ll give you something nice. A kiss? on the tip of your nose and a lot of joy?, little one! ?
  • The wind brings a rose to the birthday child! ? He brings it carefully to you. You know what? It is mine. All the best, I wish you!
  • May just ring by and wish you a happy birthday?, hug you tightly and smooch a lot! ??
  • Today is your birthday and you are just as beautiful, enchanting? and lovable? as when I met you. I wish you all the best for your birthday

Birthday greetings with pictures to send

Instead of just sending a saying as a text message, you can also send beautiful pictures to your loved ones. As is well known, a picture says more than a thousand words – and even more if there is a small birthday text on the picture itself. Simply choose a picture from the gallery and

  1. hold the picture with your finger for a few seconds,
  2. save the picture on your smartphone
  3. and then send the picture to your contact via WhatsApp.

Subsequent WhatsApp birthday greetings

No matter whether you write down all birthdays in the calendar, remember birthdays well or make memories for the special days of your friends – everyone can forget the important day. But no need to panic – subsequent greetings for your birthday will quickly make you forget the mistake.

  • My dog ​​eats your birthday card, so my birthday wishes will come a little later
  • I would have loved to congratulate you on time. But then it suddenly went haywire.? For that, I wish you all the best today! ?
  • Even if these birthday wishes come a little late?, the warm wishes are good every day.?
  • I’m obviously too early with my birthday wishesünschen – for your next birthday.? I’m sorry I missed it this year! All the best retrospectively! ?
  • I am sure that you didn’t expect punctual birthday greetings from me and you know how I hate to disappoint you
  • Hi, I was kidnapped by Aliens?? and just got back.? I’m sorry I missed your birthday, but all the best afterwards! ?
  • Because life means well with you, you will not only receive messages for your birthday? but also afterwards.?
  • Double kisses? and triple hugs? are still available today to make up for the fact that I congratulate you on your birthday too late! ?

Birthday parties: where does the custom come from?

There were birthday parties in ancient times. At that time, such celebrations were held to mobilize protective spirits and to protect the birthday child from bad things. Back then, gifts were not intended for the celebrated person, but as sacrifices for protective spirits. Since the birthday of Christ (Christmas) at the latest, the ghosts have no longer been the focus of a Christmas party, but the birthday child. However, birthday parties as we know them today were rather rare even until the 19th century. One more reason to pop the corks and to shower the party causing the celebration with funny and yes, even a little kitschy birthday sayings.

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