The best-selling electric cars worldwide: 13 models over 100,000 times, 3 Teslas included

Worldwide, and especially in Europe, electric car sales are gaining momentum, and after a largely trouble-free third quarter, Tesla has hit the expected new record for the number of deliveries. Even before the usual final spurt in September, Tesla’s Model 3 led the global electric car registrations by a large margin this year. And as can be seen from a new overview, this also applies to the last ten years. Accordingly, there are 13 all-electric cars worldwide that were registered at least 100,000 times during this time, and the Tesla Model 3 alone had 645,000 units by the end of August.

Three Tesla more than 100,000 times

This can be seen from data published this week by the EV-Sales blog. In the overview, Tesla is represented not only with the front-runner Model 3, but also with Model S and Model X – only the almost new Model Y is still missing from the bestsellers of electric cars of the past ten years. As the first in the current list, a vehicle from Nissan came onto the market in 2010 with the Leaf. According to the data, it had been sold 490,000 times worldwide by the end of August, and recently Nissan announced that it had exceeded the 500,000 mark.

However, according to EV sales, sales of the Nissan Leaf are falling after the unconvincing revision from the end of 2017, while those of the Tesla Model 3 continue to increase – flanked by an even steeper curve in the Model Y, which will also soon be in the 100,000 club should move in. After the Leaf follows the Tesla Model S with a total of 305,000 sales, then the compact Renault electric car Zoe with 231,000, which, unlike the Leaf from the same auto alliance, is currently “in top shape”.

Soon Tesla Model Y and VW ID.3?

5th and 6th place on the list of 13 electric cars with at least 100,000 sales worldwide are occupied by the Chinese models of the EC and EU series from BAIC, then comes the BMW i3 from Germany and then the Tesla Model X with 177,000 sales worldwide since its market launch in the USA five years ago in September 2015. The VW e-Golf also finds its place in the list of 13 – it shouldn’t be much more than the 136,000 copies by the end of August because it is no longer in production. The newly developed ID.3 has now been launched, the first wave of deliveries of which will probably be seen in the September figures – as has probably been the strongest month for the Tesla Model 3 to date.


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