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We present smart surveillance cameras with which you can control your home from your smartphone. With WiFi, facial recognition and also for outdoors. Update: Netatmo smart outdoor camera with alarm siren.

PC-WELT and Macwelt continuously test smart surveillance cameras or WLAN surveillance cameras as well as weatherproof surveillance cameras for outdoors.

Security cameras in price comparison

We present clever surveillance cameras that are not stingy with smart functions such as face detection, control via app or automatic storage in the cloud. We have tested most of the cameras presented here and linked our test reports.

Netatmo: Smart outdoor camera with alarm siren

Netatmo has presented a “smart outdoor camera with alarm siren”.
                                             The camera should be able to distinguish between people, animals, vehicles and insignificant movements and should immediately inform the user via message and video as soon as something happens in the detection area of ​​the camera.


: EUR 349.99 (RRP)

Arlo Pro 3: camera with bright LED light in the test

Arlo Pro 3

The third generation of the smart surveillance camera brings a number of sensible innovations, but not all of them work perfectly.

Reading tip:

Here is the detailed test report of the Arlo Pro 3

EZVIZ C3A Security Camera for outdoors tested

EZVIZ C3A Security Camera

The picture and sound quality are excellent, the app is well thought out and the handling of the camera is quite simple. If you value high security, you cannot avoid the cloud subscription.


Easy to set up and weatherproof.

Reading tip:

Test of the EZVIZ C3A Security Camera

Elegant and flexible

The reasonably priced camera with 150 euros can be operated inside and out, the battery makes it independent of a power connection. An additional solar panel available for 30 euros provides it with fresh energy on request, so there is little to worry about recharging. Disadvantage: No cloud storage, recordings land on a – removable – micro SD card.


Inexpensive and flexible camera for outdoors

Reading tip:

Extensive test of the Reolink Argus 2

Maximum independence in the mobile network and with solar panel (not in the picture)


Maximum independence in the mobile network and with solar panel (not in the picture)

The Reolink Go takes the concept of the Argus 2 a step further: like this, it can be operated with a solar panel, so it never has to be brought close to the socket. But it also works where there is no WiFi: With a microSIM, it connects to the Internet via LTE. Disadvantage: microSIM is not optional, but essential, the Reolink Go cannot be set up outside of the radio network. In addition, there is still no possibility to upload photos and videos initiated by the motion sensor to the cloud – if the camera including microSIM, microSD and household items disappears, good advice is expensive. The battery convinces with its 7800 mAh across the board. The price: 300 euros. Without microSD, data tariff and solar panel.


For places without electricity and WiFi

Reading tip:

Extensive test of the Reolink Go

Sync module, outside camera and two inside cameras


Sync module, outside camera and two inside cameras

© Blink

Small, flexible and a good picture: the cameras from Blink are convincing, only the sound is one-sided.


Inexpensive surveillance camera with free cloud storage.

Read tip


                                                                                                                    Extensive test of the blink cameras

Instar IN-8015 HD – indoor camera

Instar IN-8015 HD

The indoor camera IN-8015 convinces with a good picture even at night and many configuration options. Commissioning the camera is not that easy.


If you attach particular importance to image quality.

Reading tip:

Extensive test of the Instar IN-8015 HD indoor camera

Somfy One +: camera with built-in alarm siren

Somfy One +

The Somfy One + indoor surveillance camera is operated from an iPhone or Android smartphone. Via app. It has a motion detector, microphone and loudspeaker, as well as a cloud connection. The highlight is the built-in alarm siren. You can also expand the camera with a remote control and vibration sensors for doors or windows.


With Somfy One +, a home can be quickly equipped with a simple alarm system if there is a WLAN. However, the camera can only be used in combination with a paid subscription.

Reading tip:

Here you will find our detailed test report for Somfy One +.

Miele Scout RX2 Home Vision: robot vacuum with surveillance camera

Miele Scout RX2 Home Vision.

Miele wants to present a cool rolling surveillance camera at IFA 2017:

                                                                                                                    The ScoutRX2 Home Vision vacuum robot.
                                            While the robot is cleaning your apartment, it is connected to your smartphone via WiFi and app. You can use the app to call up the image of the stereo camera built into the robot on your smartphone. And take a look at your apartment.

The Scout RX2 Home Vision from Miele will go on sale in September and costs 829 euros.

Nest Cam IQ automatically zooms in on suspects

The Cam IQ from Nest.

Cam IQ is Nest’s latest indoor surveillance camera. What makes it special is that it detects movements and then automatically zooms in on suspicious areas. In addition, it should be able to recognize that a


Face is in the room and then alerts the owner of the camera. The Nest Cam IQ should also be able to detect suspicious noises. The Nest Cam IQ is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

We present the Nest Cam IQ in more detail here.
                                             You can use the Nest Cam IQ

                                                                                                                                        buy now for 349 euros.

Reading tip:

Extensive test of the Nest Cam IQ


If the promised features work, the camera is well suited for remote monitoring of an empty apartment.

Nest Cam Outdoor IQ: Weatherproof and difficult to remove from the wall

Nest Cam Outdoor IQ in rose trellis

Like its interior version, the Outdoor IQ from the alphabet subsidiary Nest is able to recognize faces and automatically zoom into the field of vision. If the suspicious – or known – person walks through the garden or across the yard, they follow the camera, a 12x optical zoom makes this possible. The Nest Cam Outddor IQ is weatherproof and should work in temperature ranges from -40 ° C to 45 ° C. Nicely solved: The power cable (USB-C) can also be fed through the wall from behind the camera, which in turn is very firmly clipped into the wall bracket, from which it can only be removed with a tool. Since the clips are also saved in the cloud, burglars have virtually no chance of incapacitating the camera. The manufacturer has significantly improved the WALN antennas compared to the outdoor model without face recognition, the range is significantly increased and films can be recorded in 1080p and during the day in HDR. Downside: To save more video than just the last three hours, you need a subscription from Nest Aware, which costs from 5 euros per month or 50 euros annually. Then you can look back five days, with a higher fee up to 30 days are possible.

Reading tip:

Extensive test of the Nest Cam Outdoor IQ

Zyxel Aurora: surveillance in a triangle

Zyxel Aurora: surveillance in a triangle

The triangular shape of this surveillance camera makes it easier to set up on a shelf or on another flat surface. The Zyxel Aurora is comparatively inexpensive and can be operated intuitively using the app. The motion detector reacts early until an alarm reaches the owner, but it takes some time. There is no web front end for this camera.

Reading tip:

Extensive test of the Zyxel Aurora


The Zyxel Aurora is recommended for entry into the surveillance of the smart home, especially if you want to set up several cameras.

Escam QF910: Inexpensive, with weaknesses in the software

Simple and inexpensive: Escam QF910

If you are only traveling with Mac and iPhone, you will not particularly enjoy the software of the inexpensive (60 Euro) camera from Escam, but everyone else will get a solid outdoor camera at a respectable price. Then there can be several devices for all-round surveillance of the property, in the app you can see the live images from up to 16 Escam cameras at a glance. Positive: You can also connect the camera to your router via Ethernet, but the associated cable, like the power cable, is relatively short.

Reading tip:

Extensive test of the Escam QF910


Well suited for beginners due to the low price, but weaknesses in the software not optimized for this model cannot be denied.

Bosch 360 degree indoor camera

The Bosch 360 degree indoor camera protects your privacy and can be switched off quickly and easily.


The Bosch 360 degree indoor camera protects your privacy and can be switched off quickly and easily.

© Google

Smart home is still relatively new territory for Bosch.

                                                                                                                                        The gateway-based solution with radiator thermostats, smoke detectors, motion detectors and window contacts has been around since 2016. We have extensively tested this not exactly cheap solution.
                                             But since April 2017, Bosch has also been selling a smart interior surveillance camera independently of this gateway-based solution.

                                                                                                                                                                                    The 360 ​​degree indoor camera for just under 250 euros.

You can put the camera into operation quickly and easily: Simply install the Bosch Smart Camera app on your iPhone or Android smartphone, create a Bosch user account, connect the camera to an electrical outlet and scan the QR code generated with the app with the camera and off you go ok The 360-degree indoor camera immediately pulls all the necessary access data from the router to which it is connected via WLAN.


The camera has a motion sensor and tracks every movement it detects. Thanks to the microphone, the camera is also suitable as an intercom.

Cool and an advantage

Compared to Nest Cam, Omna 180 and many other cameras: The image recording can be ended mechanically (!) at any time via the app or by pressing the top of the camera and the user can recognize it without any doubt: The camera then retracts its lens!

Read tip


                                                                                                                    Extensive test of the Bosch 360 degree indoor camera


For users who appreciate a particularly simple installation and who value the protection of their privacy.

Arlo Pro 2 from Netgear

Netgear Arlo Pro

The night vision outdoor surveillance camera

Netgear Arlo Pro 2

will only record a video when your motion detector detects motion. The motion detection does not differentiate between a harmless cat and a burglar. We really like the free online storage and the long battery life. Because the Arlo Pro does not require a power connection in the garden.

Reading tip:

Extensive test of the Netgear Arlo Pro 2


Anyone who wants to monitor an outdoor area (even at night) and has no power supply for the camera.

Arlo Baby from Netgear

Only the rabbit ears are included, the other designs cost extra.


Only the rabbit ears are included, the other designs cost extra.

© Netgear

The baby monitor has had its day since there were indoor cameras with an IP connection. Especially for the children’s room

                                                                                                                                                                                    Netgear developed the Arlo Baby.
                                             This is with their bunny ears or optional kitten or puppy design (about

                                                                                                                                                                                    42 euro surcharge
                                            !) designed cute, but also equipped with several features that correspond to their intended use. For example, the LED for the night vision is much darker so as not to wake the sleeping child, an LED on the back serves as night light. Over the loudspeaker you can play lullabies or your own voice to calm down, the software should be able to better classify the events reported by the motion detector using machine learning algorithms and thus distinguish happy babbling from wines.

                                                                                                                                                                                    The Netgear Arlo ABC1000-100EUS baby costs around 329 euros,
                                            our colleagues from TechHive have tested the camera extensively.

Reading tip:

Extensive test of the Netgear Arlo Baby


A worthwhile purchase for parents of infants and toddlers up to five years of age, as it is far more reliable than conventional baby monitors.

Nest Cam Indoor: surveillance camera with an expensive subscription

Nest cam indoor

Google’s interior surveillance camera

                                                                                                                                                                                    Nest cam indoor
                                             saves your recordings on Google servers. On the other hand, the Nest Cam, which costs around 200 euros, does not have a local storage option on a microSD card. So you have to trust Google and need a paid Nest online storage subscription for this surveillance camera. In return, commissioning is super easy: The camera connects to your WiFi router and is only operated via an app. A gateway is not required. In addition, the Nest Cam offers smart analysis options for the recorded video material. Plus: burglars cannot steal the video recordings.

Read tip


                                                                                                                    Extensive test of the Nest Cam Indoor


For users who want to analyze their video recordings intelligently and in a time-saving manner. And want to cheat burglars.

Nest Cam Outdoor: intercom and surveillance

Nest cam outdoor


                                            an outdoor camera for around 200 euros. These

                                                                                                                                                                                    Nest cam outdoor
                                             does not require a base station, but is simply connected to the WLAN router. The Nest Cam pulls all the necessary configuration data from the router. The camera is easy to set up, but you have to accept that your videos and photos will be uploaded to Google servers. We have the Nest Cam Outdoor in detail


Reading tip:

Extensive test of the Nest Cam Outdoor


If you trust Google and also want to use an intercom.

Omna 180 Cam: room surveillance via iPhone and home kit

Put it down and off you go - long screwing is not necessary with the Oma 180 Cam.


Put it down and off you go – long screwing is not necessary with the Oma 180 Cam.

© D-Link

“Siri, is everything okay in my office?” For users of the

                                                                                                                    Omna 180 cam
                                            such questions will soon become a reality. Because the smart surveillance camera from D-Link is the first one with the

                                                                                                                                        Apple HomeKit
                                            and Apple TV or an iPad (the two Apple devices serve as a hub for the camera). A quick look into the office or living room by voice command or switching on the light when moving is possible. The camera is also suitable as an intercom. Disadvantage: You need a gateway for Homekit, just Apple TV or an iPad, which is constantly switched on.

The hardware is also impressive. The camera saves videos in full HD and makes them available remotely. In contrast to many competitors, these are not in the cloud, but on their own, up to 128 GB microSD cards.


                                                                                                                                                                                    D-Link Oma 180 Cam is available for around 230 euros in Apple Retail Stores and in the Apple Store.

Reading tip .:

We have extensively tested the Omna 180 HD from D-Link.


Ideal for owners of an Apple TV or an iPad.

Arlo: outdoor camera with multiple streams, motion sensor & night vision

The Arlo app is quite impressive. The dashboard shows two camera shots at a glance.


The Arlo app is quite impressive. The dashboard shows two camera shots at a glance.

© Netgear

Arlo from

                                             is one of the smart security systems from the very beginning and has everything you need for smart home surveillance: a wireless connection, a fixed initial setup and the necessary robustness against storm and rain.

As soon as the lens detects movement, the Arlo app notifies the user: on the go or at home on the device of choice. The camera provides all movements as a stream via the provider’s free cloud storage. In this way, up to four video streams can be monitored simultaneously on different devices.

The system is available in different versions. Entry-level variants with two cameras and a central control unit

                                                                                                                                                                                    currently just over 300 euros on Amazon.

Reading tip:

Netgear Arlo security camera tested


Well suited if you also want to monitor outdoors.

Flir FX: Watch recordings in time lapse

Time is a rare commodity in our smart world. The developers of

                                                                                                                                        Flir FX
                                             recognized. The smart camera plays back all the events of the day in a matter of seconds – on the go on your smartphone or at home in the evening. This is only possible because Flir FX does not record all events.

Intelligent motion detection enables recording to be initiated and the user to be notified only for certain movements. In addition to a 160 degree viewing angle, there is wifi and sufficient battery capacity for the cordless experience. The camera not only captures moving images. Sensors for humidity, temperature and a microphone transmit information for almost all senses.

The camera stores videos in the Flir Cloud. There are different variants here. If you want to access the full scope, you will quickly land at just under 15 euros a month.

                                                                                                                                                                                    From around 220 euros you get a cordless HD camera,
                                             that is not stingy with features.

Reading tip:

Flir FX in the test


For people with little time and a high need for control.

By the way:

Flir is best known for its thermal cameras for Android smartphones and iPhone.

Netatmo Welcome: camera with face recognition

Welcome from Netatmo - chic look, but potential for facial recognition.


Welcome from Netatmo – chic look, but potential for facial recognition.

© Netatmo

Wasting space on unnecessary records from your own roommates is not the point of surveillance systems. Manufacturers like

                                             therefore rely on facial recognition. According to the manufacturer, the

                                                                                                                                                                                    Security camera Welcome
                                             on request only people who do not know them. This saves storage space and, above all, avoids unnecessary alarms on the smartphone.

Although the approach sounds promising, some users complain that it has not always worked reliably in practice. In any case, you must first learn face recognition, which takes some time. The camera first saves the recordings on the inserted microSD card. In addition, you can also save the recordings in the cloud. The operation, optics and image quality, even at night, are praised by the users.

At around 160 euros, the camera ranks at the same price level as the Smartcam HD Pro from Samsung (see below).

Reading tip:

Netatmo Welcome in the test


When face recognition is important.

Amaryllo iSensor HD: Inexpensive newcomer with sophisticated control

Compact, inexpensive, with face recognition and encrypted – the Dutch company Amaryllo has a promising surveillance camera in its portfolio with the iSensor HD. Controlling with a smartphone in particular makes you want more. Use known gestures to rotate or enlarge the incoming live broadcast. Up to 240 degrees are possible.

So that no one fishes your recordings on the way to the cloud, the iSensor HD uses the 256-bit encryption of Skype for the transmission. 24 hours of free cloud storage are included.


                                                                                                                                                                                    Variant with a viewing angle of 180 degrees is already available for around 130 euros.
                                             The version with a 240-degree viewing angle requires a little patience,

                                                                                                                                                                                    can already be pre-ordered.


If you want to control the camera intuitively with your smartphone.

Smartcam HD Pro: Inexpensive camera with many functions

Samsung also wants to get its foot in the smart home market. With the

                                                                                                                                                                                    Smartcam HD Pro SNH-P6410BN
                                             the South Korean manufacturer has a camera in its portfolio that is priced at around 160 euros at the lower end.

Smartcam HD Pro SNH-P6410BN price comparison

Despite the comparatively low price, the SNH-P6410BN offers Full HD resolution, night vision thanks to infrared technology and quick start-up in the browser read well. In practice, however, there seems to be room for improvement after the buyers’ judgments on Amazon. The associated app already alerts the user when the wind is moving the branches outside.

Some users also complain about the quality of workmanship and the manufacturer’s update policy. As a cheap entry-level model

                                                                                                                                                                                    Samsung Smartcam HD Pro
                                             but well worth a look.


Even if the camera seems to have some weaknesses, it is an inexpensive entry into the world of smart surveillance cameras.


It has never been easier to check whether everything is correct with your smartphone at home. But quick set-up and location-independent access by smart surveillance cameras also have their price.

It is not uncommon for such features to be possible only in conjunction with the manufacturer’s own cloud. In certain cases, there may still be costs for using an external memory even after the purchase.

Security: strong passwords, encryption and no cloud

Protection from hackers plays an especially important role in surveillance cameras. Because if hackers get access to the surveillance camera, they can determine the perfect time for a break-in. And of course spy on the owners’ privacy.

Hopefully, strong, individual passwords and encryption of the transmitted image data will help against the first problem – Apple uses encryption as standard for Homekit. Ideally, you should refrain from uploading images and videos to any online storage. Instead, it is better to save them on the SD card in the camera and only have images emailed to you for certain actions, for example when motion detection detects motion.

The ideal solution to the second problem would be that the user could mechanically cover the camera lens. However, this function is usually missing. It is therefore better to disconnect / switch off the camera when you are in the apartment. Or cover the lens.

Right to one’s own image, right to informational self-determination, right to personality

In addition, you should find out exactly which cloud (location) the recordings are transferred to and what the data protection situation is before buying. And about protecting privacy. This is especially true when guests or family members are in the recording area of ​​your camera. In such cases, switch off the camera and do not operate it until the monitored area is empty.

Or you can get the consent of all the people captured by the camera: “If the affected family members and guests know about it and agree to it, the installation is easy. However, monitoring, for example, the babysitter without their knowledge is not compatible with data protection law and is also inadmissible as an encroachment on general personal rights, even without recording “, as lawyer Oliver J. Süme


In addition, you may not film public areas.


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