The best soccer games for iOS and Android

Score Hero

Score Hero also stands out from the usual gameplay. In Score Hero we don’t have any teams or players to choose from to use for our match. Instead, the game relies on individual challenges that we have to master. In these challenges, in the vast majority of cases we need to score goals according to a certain pattern or within certain limits.

For example, we are given the task of scoring a goal with just three passes from a given position. Each pass represents a move, after which we can look at the new position and consider further moves. Passes and shots are carried out simply with a swipe gesture. The length, type and speed of wiping determine how our action turns out.

In addition to short and long passes, with a little skill we can give the ball a cut to pass the challenge. If we fail, the game starts again on the first turn. By completing the level or by purchasing an in-app, we also have the opportunity to rewind ball actions individually. Score Hero now offers more than 700 levels, some of which come from game situations from real football classics.

Score Hero is available for free on iOS and Android.


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