The best tools for renters and property owners

Rent, energy bills, insurance, furniture purchase – these programs help tenants, landlords and homeowners. And best of all, most of them are free.

Am I paying too much rent? This question moves many tenants – and can be answered with a look at the “Rent index” software. However, the program also gives you, as a landlord, an approximate overview of how much rent you can charge. And once you’re ready and want to rent out your property, Neko4 will help you settle the ancillary costs.

Regardless of whether you rent or own your own home – energy costs are a topic that interests everyone. With the free “Energy Cost Quick Calculator” program, you can quickly calculate the costs that you incur annually, for example, for operating your PC. The program also includes a water consumption calculator – for the shower, for example. In addition, it scores with savings tips with which you should get your costs under control.

Once the costs have been checked and regulated, renovating or buying furniture may be on the agenda. With “Room Arranger” you can plan the new look of your apartment in advance on a 2D floor plan. Almost like with the Sims, various pieces of furniture are then ready, which you put in the plan and thus check the feasibility and the optimal parking space in advance. With “Sweet Home 3D” another program is available that virtually furnishes your house or apartment. As the name suggests, it is in 3D and can therefore be walked through virtually after completion.

When you’re done with everything, an inventory can’t hurt. Regardless of which tool you choose, you can provide detailed information about the contents in the event of an insurance claim.

Smart home – this is how the intelligent home becomes reality

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