The best VPN deals in June

Surf the web privately and anonymously and access streaming services without restrictions – with the currently cheapest VPN offers.

We give an overview of the currently

best VPN deals

and refer to providers that we can recommend. VPN software works on all devices and all common operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android).

Important note on prices:

Some of the prices shown here are

net prices

(depending on the provider). In such cases, the VAT of 19 percent is added at the end of the ordering process. In our VPN list, we have marked this with the addition net or gross. The gross price is the actual final price. If the price given here is not displayed on the provider’s website, then please open the link in one

new browser window in private mode.

1. CyberGhost VPN – 3 year subscription + 4 months

  • Offer: EUR 1.94/month gross

  • Package price: EUR 77.61 gross

  • Discount: 84 percent

CyberGhost VPN

You currently get the highest savings with Cyberghost VPN with the 3-year subscription. Here you effectively pay 1.94 euros per month. Overall, the price for 39 months is 77.61 euros. You will get a full refund within 45 days if you are not satisfied with the service. For comparison: 1 year Cyberghost VPN costs 3.75 euros/month. To test Cyberghost VPN.

Go to the CyberGhost VPN deal

2. PureVPN – 2 year subscription + 3 months

  • Offer: 1.99 euros/month net

  • Package price: 53.95 euros net

  • Discount: 82 percent


With the provider Pure VPN you currently only pay 1.99 euros and can use the VPN for 27 months. The 2-year package with 3 months on top costs a total of 53.95 euros. You can get the 1-year subscription for EUR 3.24/month or a one-off price of EUR 38.90. You have 31 days to cancel free of charge. The following applies to all packages with a term of 1 month or more: You can test the product for a month and are guaranteed to get your money back if you are not satisfied. PureVPN in the test.

To the PureVPN deal

3. Surfshark VPN – 2 year subscription + 2 months + antivirus protection

  • Exclusive reader offer: 2.09 euros/month net

  • Package price: 54.34 euros net

  • Discount: 82 percent

Surfshark VPN

With Surfshark you can consume all streaming services worldwide – no matter where you are. For example, you have the option to watch series on Netflix US. In addition, the provider promises simultaneous use on an unlimited number of devices. You have 30 days to cancel the service and then get a full refund. To test Surfshark VPN.

To the Surfshark VPN deal

4. VPN – 1 Year Subscription + 3 Months + 2TB Free Cloud Storage

  • Exclusive reader offer: EUR 2.66/month gross

  • Package price: EUR 39.99 gross

  • Discount: 79 percent VPN

The VPN service focuses on full privacy protection and continuously optimizes its software accordingly. Central features are anonymous surfing and data protection – also in public WLAN networks – as well as fast servers for the best streaming results. VPN is free to download for now, but with limited features. For the 1-year package you only pay 2.66 euros per month (this price is only available via the links in this post!). The service costs a total of 39.99 euros for 15 months. You can cancel for 30 days and withhold the full amount paid. If you only want to subscribe for 1 month, it costs 9.99 euros. in a short test.

To the deal VPN

5. NordVPN – 2 Year Subscription + Antivirus Protection

  • Exclusive reader offer: 2.89 euros/month net

  • Package price: 69.36 euros net

  • Discount: 60 percent


NordVPN’s exclusive partner offer at €2.89 per month includes a free antivirus function in addition to the VPN. For the 2-year offer you pay 69.36 euros. For a 1-year package, you pay EUR 4.39/month (EUR 52.68 total price) with this provider. In our comparison test, NordVPN finished as the favorite. Last but not least, the reason for this was the provision of the most servers with over 5,900. NordVPN review.

Important NOTE:

The promotional price mentioned here is only available from us and

only via the links in this post

. If you do not see the price communicated here on the NordVPN page, please open the NordVPN link again in a new private browser window.

To the NordVPN deal

6. Avira Phantom VPN Pro – 1 year subscription

  • Offer: EUR 4.99/month gross

  • Package price: EUR 59.95 gross

  • Discount: 37 percent

Avira Phantom Pro VPN

You can download and test the VPN from Avira free of charge. Otherwise, the service costs EUR 7.95 per month if you take out an annual subscription. You pay 59.95 euros in advance for the annual package. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you prefer instructions and descriptions in German, Avira Phantom VPN Pro is the right choice for you.

To the Avira VPN deal

7. ExpressVPN – 1 year subscription + 3 months

  • Offer: approx. 6.33 euros/month ($6.67/month) gross

  • Package price: EUR 94.95 gross

  • Discount: 49 percent


3 months free! You get 3 additional months on top of the annual package and pay the equivalent of approx. 6.33 euros/month. Since the provider quotes prices in dollars ($6.67/month), the actual amount may vary slightly depending on the current exchange rate. The 15-month package costs around 94.95 euros in total. ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Check out the ExpressVPN deal

In our comparison, the product gets a good ranking. ExpressVPN offers 3,000+ servers with access to 94 countries. In addition, the service is considered very reliable when using Netflix US or UK. The connection to Netflix should be easy to establish and if there are any problems, the 24/7 support will help. If you don’t just want to go by the price, but also by useful features, this service is definitely a good choice for you.

Click here for the Express VPN individual test.

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More about VPN

The use of VPN software (VPN=Virtual Private Network) is becoming increasingly popular. Many people want to be completely anonymous on the web privately. This not only has the advantage that your own behavior cannot be spied on by third parties. A VPN also protects against Dos attacks and data theft.

Another good reason to use a VPN is the ability to bypass IP blocks and thus be able to consume content that has a geo-restriction. Since your own IP address is encrypted, services that are not available in your own country can be used. For example, with a VPN client you can not only access the German Netflix offer, but also consume Netflix content that is intended exclusively for the US market.

Cyberghost VPN offer: Cyberghost VPN for only 1.99 euros/month

Surfshark VPN offer: Surfshark VPN for 2.09 euros per month

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