The best weather stations 2020 with app: purchase advice and market overview

What’s the weather like at home? The weather stations we have presented with and without WiFi, App & Cloud answer this question anytime and anywhere. With tests from weather stations.

Smartphone weather apps
and online services such as

weather Online
do not replace your own weather station at home. Because only the weather station in your garden or in the apartment exactly determines the weather conditions relevant to you. Smart weather stations with WiFi and app conveniently deliver the weather data to your smartphone. So you know when you are out and about what the weather is like at home. Or at your second home.

Weather stations in price comparison

We present the best weather stations for 2020. We also tested some smart weather stations, the test report is then linked to the respective weather station. The range of functions of the weather stations of our buying advice varies, there are also models with rain gauge and wind force meter or wind direction meter. There are radio weather stations with an outdoor module and an outdoor sensor / outdoor thermometer that transmit their data to the base stations via a radio link. But also complete solutions in a single device.

Homematic IP weather sensor Basic, Plus and Po: perfectly integrated

eQ-3 offers for its smart home system

Homematic IP
a weather sensor in three different versions: Basic, Plus and Pro. The weather data recorded with it are stored in the

Homematic IP app
displayed. You cannot read the data directly on the device, there is no display. The prerequisite for using the weather sensor is

Homematic IP access point
with the connected cloud service. Alternatively, you can also use the Homematic CCU2 / CCU3.

The weather station is suitable for outdoor use. 3x 1.5 V LR6 / Mignon / AA batteries are used for the power supply.

Reading tip:

Homematic IP Test – Smart Home with app, access point, heating thermostat, smoke detector


Homematic IP weather sensor Basic

records outside temperature, air humidity, wind speed, brightness (relative) and sunshine duration.

If you also want to measure the start of rain and the amount of rain, this is

Homematic IP weather sensor plus

interesting for you.

Buy Homematic IP weather sensor plus from Amazon

Buy Homematic IP weather sensor plus from Otto

Buy Homematic IP weather sensor plus from Media Markt

Homematic IP weather sensor plus in price comparison

Are you also interested in the direction from which the wind is coming?

Homematic IP weather sensor pro

exciting for you.

Netatmo smart weather station: expandable


Netatmo weather station

shows the current weather, provides a weather forecast and also records the amount of rain and wind force for an additional charge. You can call up the weather data from anywhere on your smartphone at any time.

The weather station initially consists of an indoor module (base station; measures the CO2 content of the air, the temperature and the humidity. It reminds you when you should ventilate. A volume meter is also integrated in the indoor module) and outdoor module (made from a piece of aluminum manufactured; measures temperature, air humidity, air pressure and the “air quality” outdoors) including smartphone app.

Optionally, Netatmo sells another

Rain gauge

(with ultrasound technology, maintenance-free, without moving parts; with standard tripod thread; plastic housing) and one


(with ultrasonic technology, maintenance-free, without moving parts; with standard tripod thread; plastic housing) for wind force and wind direction.

We tested the Netatmo weather station:

Netatmo weather station with rain and anemometer in the test.
In the test, however, there were problems with occasional connection breaks / failures.

Eve Degree: Chic weather station for Homekit and Siri

  • Around 66 euros

  • Thermometer, hygrometer and barometer

  • for indoor and (protected) outdoor use

  • App, Siri, homekit

  • can be moved as required

Eve Degree

measures temperature, humidity and air pressure and sends this data to iPhone and iPad. The display shows temperature and humidity directly, but you can only read the air pressure in the app. The power supply is provided by a lithium battery (CR2450, lifespan approx. One year, the user can easily replace it himself), which is included in the scope of delivery


Detailed test report from Eve Degree:

Smart weather station for Homekit and Siri in the test

Bresser Temeo TB: wireless outdoor sensor & large display

  • Around 60 euros

  • Indoor and outdoor temperature, indoor and outdoor humidity, time, weather trend

  • for indoor and outdoor use


Bresser Temeo TB

shows all values ​​on an easy-to-read 16.6 cm wide display, the color of which you can adjust. The weather trend for the next 12 hours is shown graphically. An external sensor (battery operated) is included with the weather station; a maximum of three sensors can be connected. The outdoor sensors transmit their values ​​by radio to the base station, which is connected to the power grid.

Technoline WS 9140-IT: Without an app, but cheap

  • around 20 euros

  • for inside and outside measurement

  • Temperature inside and outside, humidity inside, time, alarm clock


Technoline WS 9140-IT
(7.3 x 2.5 x 15.8 cm) is a classic weather station with no frills. It receives the outside temperature data from your outdoor module and shows this together with the indoor temperature and humidity and the radio time (with alarm function) on the display. The power supply for the base station and outdoor module was taken over 2 AA Mignon LR06.

There is no app query option, but this weather station only costs around 20 euros.

ChiliTec radio weather station: With solar panel

  • Around 140 euros

  • With solar cell

  • App, cloud

  • Temperature & humidity display for inside / outside, air pressure, clock, precipitation, wind speed, wind direction

  • for indoor and outdoor use


ChiliTec radio weather station 12in1

is connected to the WLAN and can then be queried via the cloud service using the app. A solar panel supplies the outdoor sensor with power, you can also use two batteries.

Froggit WH3000 SE: With UV measurement & solar panel

  • Around 190 euros

  • Outside / inside temperature, humidity, solar radiation, UV value, precipitation, wind speed, wind direction

  • App, CloudRund

  • for indoor and outdoor use


froggit WH3000 SE

transmits your measurement data to the internal display and also to the app via WLAN and cloud service. Here too, a solar panel supplies the outdoor module.

TFA Dostmann Weatherhub weather station set 31.4005.02

  • Around 135 euros

  • App, cloud

  • Starter set with temperature, humidity, wind and rain gauge

  • for indoor and outdoor use


TFA Dostmann Weatherhub

uses its sensors to record values ​​such as inside and outside temperature, air humidity, wind force and amount of rain. This data is transmitted by radio to the base station, which is connected to the router via a LAN cable. From there it goes to the provider’s cloud service. You can then query the weather data anywhere using the app.

A total of up to 50 sensors can be connected, but you have to buy them separately. You can set alarm limits and will be informed via push messages when they are reached. A classic display is missing, the smartphone is the linchpin.


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