The best webcam for your home office

For those who work from home, a webcam is indispensable for making video calls. We give purchase recommendations for every budget and explain what you should consider when buying and operating.

Several studies have already confirmed that webcam conferences increase participants’ attention and that the topics discussed are more likely to be successful. The small video cameras should therefore be standard equipment, especially for the home office. But since the market is overflowing with different models, we have picked models that are recommended for you. You will also find out below what you should generally consider when chatting and buying webcams.

For the price-conscious: Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

For the price-conscious: Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

The Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

for 35 euros has been around for a few years, but still does a good job today. The 4-megapixel webcam records in 720p (HD), which is always sufficient in practice. Also integrated is a surprisingly passable microphone and noise suppression, which, in combination with the so-called “TrueColor” technology, is intended to provide a clear picture. However, the webcam cannot be screwed onto a tripod and the clamping device is somewhat cumbersome. For just 35 euros, this model is still recommended for those who don’t spend a lot of money and only occasionally conduct video chats.


Logitech HD C270

from 35 euros

From the middle class: Trust GXT 1160 Vero

From the middle class: Trust GXT 1160 Vero

In the Trust GXT 1160 Vero

for 60 euros it is an 8-megapixel webcam that records in 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD), so the picture is quite high-resolution. A microphone is also integrated here so that you don’t have to use a microphone or headset. There is also an automatic white balance on board, which makes you appear natural and rich in detail even in changing lighting conditions. There is no screwing device for tripods, but the clamping device is quite flexible and holds the webcam securely in different inclinations. For around 60 euros, it is a good alternative for clearer shots.

Alternative: Logitech HD C920

from 80 euros

Including lighting: Razer Kiyo

The Razer Kiyo

for 117 euros is one of the few webcams on the market that has a lighting ring to put itself in the right light. The LEDs can be regulated in stages to adapt to the prevailing lighting conditions. The 4 megapixel webcam records either in HD or Full HD. The special feature: If the transmission is carried out in 720p, the frame rate is more fluid at 60 frames per second. If the transmission takes place in Full HD, then at typical 30 frames per second. I also have the Kiyo screwed onto a tripod, which is particularly interesting for streamers – for which Razer actually designed the Kiyo, but is also suitable for the home office. Automatic white balance also takes place here, which is particularly important in combination with the LED ring. Otherwise you could, for example, be quickly outshone the other person. The price of 117 euros is not exactly cheap, but okay for the range of functions.

Alternative: Logitech C930e

from 140 euros

For demanding users: Logitech Brio

The Logitech Brio

for 240 euros is a technical jack-of-all-trades and among other things even certified for Skype for Business. The 16 megapixel webcam masters video recordings with a resolution of up to 4096 x 2160 pixels in 30 frames per second, which corresponds to the crisp 4K standard. In Full HD there are 60, in HD even up to 90 frames per second. It also supports “High Dynamic Range” (HDR) and the in-house “RightLight 3” technology, which optimally displays you in a wide variety of lighting conditions. The 5x digital zoom also ensures the correct image section. There are also two microphones with echo and noise suppression for better voice recordings. The connection is made via a modern USB Type-C and the perfectly functioning, flexibly adjustable clamping device can also be unscrewed in order to mount the Brio on a tripod. For 239 euros, the Logitech Brio leaves nothing to be desired.

Alternative: Logitech BRIO Stream

from 200 euros.

At least HD on webcams

In general, you should choose models that record video in at least HD. If you have a potent laptop or PC and the internet line is fast enough, then go for cameras that record with Full HD or even in 4K. The clearer and sharper the image arrives, the more professional and serious you appear to the other participants.

The right image section: you are the star

Another important point for webcam conferences: Adjust the frame of your recording by taking less of the background and focusing on yourself. In fact, studies have found that people can record and retain your information about six times better if you also see the face on the screen in addition to their voice. So make sure that the webcam records from the shoulder to the entire skull.

You will make the most professional impression at a webcam conference if you are adequately illuminated and the image section is set correctly.

Make sure that you are not disturbed

As soon as the image section has been set accordingly, there are other basic things to do: Let the household or colleagues know in advance that you have a video conference. Alternatively or additionally, you can attach a notice to the office door, which also indicates this. This will prevent you from being disturbed or people and animals strolling in the background and distracting you. Speaking of which: Ideally, you are against a neutral background, such as a bare room wall. Alternatively, you can also use artificial backgrounds, usually the video conference software offers a selection or allows you to upload your own image.

Etiquette at webcam meetings

Another important point that also applies to personal meetings: look at the person you are talking to or the current speaker. During a webcam meeting, you should not look at the screen all the time, but into the camera lens – this increases the effectiveness of the meeting.

But it can still happen that you urgently have to disappear briefly, for which there are many reasons. Simply make the staff politely, briefly and briefly aware that you have to leave quickly. Don’t forget to mute your microphone and disable the webcam. And don’t forget to turn both back on when you come back.

Provide a neutral background for webcam meetings and best act as if you were actually talking to someone face to face.

Only switch on the webcam if necessary

Once the call or conference is over, you should also ensure that you exit the meeting software and turn off the webcam. There is hardly anything more embarrassing than continuing to work without worrying while you behave as you behave unobserved without having logged out.


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