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YouTube videos can be played over the Internet, but usually not saved on your own PC. PC-WELT shows the best free tools for copying YouTube videos.

Youtube only streams videos, you won’t find a corresponding download function on the website. This is annoying in that the PC has to be connected to the Internet every time to play a clip. It is therefore easier to save the clips from the Internet on the hard drive of the PC or notebook. We’ll introduce you to the best download programs and show you how to quickly and easily download YouTube videos or create MP3 files of the clips.



With ByClickDownloader, music and videos can easily be downloaded from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and over 40 other services onto your own hard drive. There are various video and music formats and quality settings to choose from. Even complete YouTube playlists or channels can be downloaded in one go with the easy-to-use tool. However, all functions are only available with the paid premium version, which costs around 15 euros.

Freeware cracks every YouTube block

The YouTube video portal can be accessed worldwide, but not all content is equally available everywhere. The reason: IP bans. These deny PC users whose devices are not connected to the Internet via a specific IP address from accessing selected content. Free programs can bypass these web blocks quickly and easily.

Free Youtube to MP3 Converter

With the free tool Free Youtube to MP3 Converter you can download a song to your computer without having to load the entire Youtube video. Optionally, the program also saves the entire video. The tool is very easy to use.

Youtube tools

After installing the program, simply copy the URL of a YouTube video into the free tool and select a storage location on your hard drive under “Output Folder”. The quality of the saved clip or MP3 file depends largely on the source. So it is best to look for HD videos. Under “Presents” you can now save an audio file in various quality levels from 96 kbps to 265 kbps.

Finally, click the “Download” button in the Free Youtube to MP3 Converter tool. Now the MP3 file or video will be saved directly to the hard drive.

Download: Free Youtube to MP3 Converter

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