The BMW M4 Power Coupé is available with a discount of up to 13,300 euros

Old school BMW fans sometimes have a hard time with the current line-up from Munich: transversely installed engines, three-cylinder and electric models only partially embody the spirit of the brand for hardcore fans. It looks completely different when M GmbH comes into play. The current M4 shows that the car manufacturer’s sports department still knows exactly what the slogan “sheer driving pleasure” means. The six-cylinder in-line engine provides either 480 or 510 hp under the hood; purists can even order the slightly weaker version with a manual gearbox. On request and at an additional cost, the 510 PS strong M4 Competition breaks with the rear-wheel drive typical of BMW and is available with the xDrive all-wheel drive system. The absolutely convincing driving dynamics values ​​are garnished by a particularly self-confident demeanor. Probably the largest double kidney grille in the modern BMW era is just as magical as the sometimes garish paintwork. Unfortunately, the price of the most powerful 4-series model also catches the eye. According to the price list, BMW calls at least 84,000 euros for the sporty coupe. But you can save a lot with the right provider. At the BMW M4 is currently available with a discount of up to 13,300 euros (As of September 19, 2021)!

BMW M4 with a discount of up to 13,300 euros at

As usual with, the full price discount applies to the model with the highest basic price. In the case of the BMW M4, this is the aforementioned M4 Competition with xDrive all-wheel drive. The offers for this model start at 82,354 euros, which is 12,646 euros below the RRP of 95,000 euros. Who of the 510 PS strong all-wheel drive version of the M4 Competition in the configuration donated a few extras, which can drive the discount up to 13,300 euros. Not only fans know that such discounts for M models at BMW are actually unthinkable. Therefore, it doesn’t really matter that the transfer costs subsequently reduce the discount by a few hundred euros. Of course, BMW purists can also save on the purchase of an M4. The basic variant of the M4 with 480 hp setup, manual six-speed gearbox and rear-wheel drive Usually costs at least 84,000 euros. The offers on start at 72,894 euros. This corresponds to a discount of over 11,000 euros or around 13 percent – without any negotiation. (Attention: The transfer costs also reduce this discount by a few hundred euros). (Here you can find all information about buying a new car on the Internet!)

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