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The cabinet will allow us to travel through Europe again from 15 June

The Dutch can travel to most European countries more easily from 15 June.

The cabinet plans to announce tomorrow that the advice on traveling to some of the countries in Europe will be relaxed, insiders confirm after reports of RTL News. Unnecessary journeys are still advised against due to the corona virus.

However, a warning about any risks

The cabinet previously announced that the Dutch can probably only go on holiday in a country where the risk is the same as in the Netherlands. There will still be a warning to watch for any risks in other countries. Some countries may also stick to restrictions, making family visits or holidays difficult.

A portrait of Prime Minister Rutte, standing in front of a plant and wearing a blue tie.
Prime Minister Mark Rutte will probably report the travel decision on Wednesday. Photo: / Bart Maat

Holiday countries open to tourists

But important holiday countries for the Dutch, such as Germany and France, indicate that they will open again on 15 June. From that moment on they want to receive tourists again. France advocates opening all European internal borders.

Holidaymakers who go to a country for which a negative travel advice applies, for example, are not insured. Since at least code orange applies to all countries, most airlines have recently offered hardly any travel.

It is important for travel organizations and tour operators to know which countries and areas will soon be able to travel again, says branch organization ANVR. According to a spokeswoman, it is therefore still awaiting the official news from the cabinet on Wednesday. “Of course we hope that we can start traveling again soon.”

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The cabinet will allow us to travel through Europe again from 15 June


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