The Caligula Effect 2: Nine-minute trailer shows the Japanese version

FuRyu and developer Historia today have a nine-minute trailer for it The Caligula Effect 2 released. In addition to many game scenes, we also get a good overview of the many characters in the game. It starts with the idols Regret and χ as well as the protagonist. This is followed by the eight Obbligato Musicians and the members of the Go-Home Club.

The Obbligato Musicians were introduced to us in detail beforehand. Each video is fittingly a musical introduction. Machina, Pandora, MU-kun and #QP as well as the trio Doctor, Ill and Kudan made the start. After that, Bluffman was the eighth and final Obbligato Musician.

That’s what The Caligula Effect 2 is all about

As in the first part, players have to find their way back into reality from a seemingly perfect world. The Caligula Effect 2 is being developed by Historia, with Takuya Yamanaka as the producer. The story comes from Tadashi Satomi, who also worked on the first persona games in this capacity.

Specifically, the virtual personality Regret created the world Redo, where people are supposed to live in a kind of paradise in order to forget their problems. However, the virtual idol χ suddenly bothers by restoring a student’s memory. So the Go-Home Club is re-established to escape Regret. All members of the Go-Home Club have to face their own trauma if they want to break out of the dream world of Redo.

Regret, however, is supported by the Obbligato Musicians. Players must now lure other students at the Tatefushi Academy into the resistance club in order to win the fight. In combat you can foresee the moves of your opponents and thus use a tactical advantage.

The release of The Caligula Effect 2 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch is scheduled for June 24th in Japan. NIS America will bring the RPG to us in the fall. In this country there are Japanese voices and English texts.

The Caligula Effect 2: Nine-minute trailer

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