The catering industry keeps doors closed despite earlier threats

The new plan is to open the pubs again when the shops are allowed to open.

Dozens of catering companies announced at the beginning of December that they would open their doors to the public from January 17, whether that was allowed or not. Cafés and restaurants have been closed since October 14 and entrepreneurs fear for the survival of their businesses.

Johan de Vos, one of the initiators and café owner in Breda responded as follows in December:

“It is logical that we want to fight the virus. But the way we have been treated recently is outrageous. Between nose and lips, the measures are constantly being extended. We have our backs to the wall; it is either lost your license or bankruptcy. Savings accounts, pensions, everything is gone. “

Now he and the other catering bosses have changed their minds.

“Of course we also see the dire situation in Dutch hospitals at the moment. We are not blind to reality”, De Vos explains. That is why they are suspending the promotion to open the catering businesses in mid-January.

Reopening plan

KHN Netherlands would like ‘the catering industry to be one of the first sectors to be able to open its doors in a responsible manner after the current lockdown’.

The trade association calls on the cabinet to come up with an economic reopening plan for the affected sectors as soon as possible. KHN Netherlands also advocates a stronger support package for the period in which entrepreneurship is not 100 percent possible.

Smart measures

“We believe that with KHN’s smart measures plan presented earlier, the catering industry can open up in a responsible manner”, says KHN chairman Robèr Willemsen. “After our many suggestions, it is now really time for the cabinet to tackle this together with the industry.”

The smart measures include the terraces that could be opened without problems and the mandatory reservation.


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