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The cause (and solution!) Of heartburn

Everyone has acid in their stomach to digest food. That acid is important and should be there, but sometimes it can happen that the acid rises. This goes through your esophagus, which causes a burning pain at the bottom of your chest. This pain sometimes radiates to your throat and the acid can cause a sour or bitter taste in your mouth. Not so nice!

You can also suffer from heartburn, which causes a burning and painful feeling in your stomach. This is due to the presence of too much acid in your stomach, which irritates the lining of your stomach.

No worries

Do not worry if any of the above happens: everyone has an upset stomach and (heartburn) heartburn. Do you suffer from it more often, then you might consider looking at your drinking and diet. Stomach complaints can be triggered by:

  • alcohol
  • overeating
  • Greasy food
  • food with lots of spices
  • citrus fruits: mandarin, orange, lemon
  • onion
  • chocolate
  • peppermint
  • acidic drinks
  • soft drink (fizzy drink)

Did you know: even tight pants can cause heartburn. Tight pants increase pressure on your lower abdomen and can push acid into the esophagus.

Reduce stomach acid

Avoid certain foods

There are a number of things you can do to reduce stomach acid. The first option may be obvious: avoid certain foods. The type of food or drink that fuels your stomach acid differs from person to person. Consider for yourself which foods make your heartburn worse.

Eat small portions

In addition, it is better to eat smaller meals instead of two or three large portions per day. By eating smaller portions, there is more space in the stomach and therefore less stomach acid.

You can easily eat smaller portions by starting to eat from smaller plates. Also, don’t eat your meal out of the package. For example, put chips in a container and do not sit on the couch with the bag.

Stomach lower than head

Nothing better than to lie down after dinner. But you are more likely to get heartburn when you lie down. This is because your stomach is not lower than your head at that point. The passage to your esophagus opens up a bit more so that the stomach acid flows more easily into your esophagus and eventually ends up in your throat more quickly. Always put your head slightly higher to prevent this, for example with a thicker pillow.

Gastric acid binder

If you do suffer from stomach acid, a gastric acid binder such as a Rennie can offer a solution. This is a white, square tablet, of which you feel its effect almost immediately.

But, as always also applies here: prevention is better than cure. You can prevent heartburn symptoms by adjusting your lifestyle and that should certainly succeed with the above tips. Getting a Rennie regularly is not the solution and can (in the long term) even be harmful to you.

A cup of ginger tea may also help.


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