The Chevrolet Bolt at the heart of a fire risk investigation

These are 3 examples of this American electric car that started fire in the United States.

This series of incidents prompted the NHTSA to launch an investigation that would cover models delivered between 2017 and 2020. That is to say, almost 78,000 copies of the machine.

The scenario reported to the American body in charge of road safety appears recurrent. While the vehicle has been stationary for a while, the fire would start in the battery pack, spreading into the passenger compartment at the level of the rear bench.

One of the owners of a burnt down Chevrolet Bolt said he had to hire a specialist firm to rid his home of soot from the nearby incident.

NHTSA is still unaware of the cause of the problem. General Motors has said it is cooperating with the US agency while conducting its own internal investigation.

Straddling 2011 and 2012, the 2 entities had already had to collaborate on the subject of spontaneous fires observed on Volts a few days after having suffered side impacts. Investigations were stopped on the grounds that the trendy sedan was no more dangerous than a classic car. However, the manufacturer had taken care to make some relatively minor changes to the battery.


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