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After the next rover landed on Mars with Perseverance, mankind is back in space fever. The technical masterpiece of NASA and JPL together with razor-sharp images and the first sound recordings from the Red Planet have rekindled many people’s interest in space.

While the journey to Mars and Co. is still a long way off for the common man, at least the dream has become more tangible for many. If you can’t get enough of our and surrounding galaxies, of course, you also have a wide selection of spacey games. From rocket launch to rover racing, we have a few options here.

Galaga Wars

Galaga will be well known to children of the arcade generation. Launched in 1981, the successor to Galaxian is still a much sought-after collector’s item. In Galaga we steer our spaceship through space, which is teeming with enemies.

In the classic arcade shooter, players had to move the spaceship left and right, shoot the opponents at the top of the screen and at the same time avoid the generic attacks. While Namaco has only tweaked the game mechanics very finely, Galaga Wars appears in a completely new coat of paint. Simple textures and bleak colors are a thing of the past in the smartphone version.

Instead, the distant galaxies shine in new splendor with lots of visual details that also make the game visually entertaining. Thanks to the endless mode, Galaga Wars is suitable for short sessions in between as well as for longer gaming fun. The new twin mode also brings a second spaceship into play for us to increase the challenges a bit.

Galaga Wars is available for free on iOS and Android

Space Frontier 1 and 2

Mars in particular has done it again to the earth’s population. While research is currently in the foreground, the big dream of many is a colony on Mars. Space Frontier plays with exactly that story. A rocket has to be launched into space on our own launch pad. But we have to pay attention to a few parameters.

Since Mars is known not to be around the corner, our rocket should be able to do more than just hop. The game is characterized by a simple one-hand control, which allows comfortable gaming on the couch. We need the rest of the energy elsewhere anyway. The playful graphics shouldn’t hide the fact that Space Frontier can get tricky.

The entertaining physics makes it anything but easy to build a powerful rocket and send it to Mars. We have to combine the right levels, but at the same time we must not become too powerful. If we overdo it, the missile will explode. If we are too careful, it will probably never arrive at the desired location.

The aim of the game is to build the best possible rocket and, in the end, to colonize Mars. In Space Frontier 2, not only Mars, but the whole universe is our playground.

Space Frontier is available for free on iOS and Android. Space Frontier 2 is available for free on iOS and Android.


The TerraGenesis game goes one step further. This is not about the successful path to Mars, but what we can achieve on site. In TerraGenesis we have the opportunity to fly to various real and fictional stars and start our own colony there.

The selection of our new home takes place at the start. Depending on the planet chosen, the level of difficulty is higher, as conditions are inhuman or other imponderables await us. Air pressure, water, temperature, oxygen and biomass are the parameters that we have to bring into life-friendly areas. On the planet it is important to research and use technology, for example to build new houses or to change the surface of the planet. Every change or innovation can not only have positive effects, but also negative effects.

If we botch research or misuse technologies, our hard-earned progress is quickly wiped out. The special thing about TerraGenesis is not only the many elements of the settlement that interlock. The game is basically a project in itself.

Instead of working through a planet in one-hour sessions, we play here for days and weeks. The exploration or construction can sometimes take several hours and takes place in real time. So we always dive in for a few minutes instead of once at a time.

TerraGenesis is available free of charge for iOS and Android.

Among Us

Among Us is a completely different game. Almost three years old, the game has experienced a real hype in recent months thanks to Twitch and Youtube. In addition to the relatively simple gameplay, it is above all the entertaining conversations with the opponents that make the game so special. In Among Us, all players are on a spaceship that is whizzing through the galaxy.

The game is played with four to ten players, either friends or random players from all over the world. The players are divided into crewmates and imposter in each round. Crewmates have to do tasks and at the same time try to identify the imposter in order to vote for them from the ship. Imposter try to manipulate tasks and can kill the crewmates on the ship after variable cooldown times.

In order to be able to kill better, the imposter have, among other things, the possibility of turning off the light or triggering a reactor malfunction. In addition, they can hop back and forth between the rooms more quickly via ventilation shafts. The main thing for the crewmates is to remain vigilant, to find the imposter as quickly as possible through detective work or to catch them hopping through one of the ventilation shafts.

If the crew completes all tasks or throws the imposter out in time, it wins. If only the same number of crewmates and imposters remain, the imposters have won the game.

Among Us is available for free on iOS and Android.

RoverCraft Racing

When the next planet has been successfully colonized, we can also turn to some fun activities. For example, racing a rover. In RoverCraft Racing we have the opportunity to assemble our own rover and zoom over several planets.

The game is a mixture of a racing game and a construction simulator. We have countless parts available that we can use to build a new racing rover or simply use them for targeted tuning. We can experiment with different engines and use reactors that give us advantages in locomotion.

In order to be able to react to the different conditions on the individual planets, it is sometimes not just the engine and wheels that have to be replaced. Every now and then the whole rover has to be rebuilt in order to be able to master particularly treacherous sections. We can set new times on a total of 14 planets and continuously improve them through clever adjustments to the rover.

RoverCraft Racing is available for free on iOS and Android.


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