The Corona file: tests, rules, vaccine – this is how you keep track

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How dangerous is the coronavirus – when, where and for whom?

There are many infectious diseases that are widely considered to be very dangerous, but few of them are becoming a global health threat like Covid-19 has become. This disease will therefore go down in history as one of the great pandemics. This is also due to the fact that the new type of corona virus is very treacherous in direct comparison.

The greatest danger from the coronavirus goes to elderly with previous illnesses. Infection in the hospital can quickly end fatally, as internal figures from Germany’s largest municipal hospital group show. The RKI evaluation of the numbers from the first wave shows: especially men over 60 years Risk factors such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, a lung disease or a neurological disorder are at high risk of a severe course.

One problem was revealed in the first wave: There is even a well-functioning health system in Germany not always enough free beds in clinics everywhereas internal government reports show. Then there is the shortage of staff: Who on the Intensive care unit lands, is in mortal danger and needs medical care from specialists around the clock, as intensive care nurses and doctors report. Nevertheless, almost half of all patients who come to the intensive care unit with Covid-19 die.

But is the virus really only for elderly dangerous? No, even younger people can have a more severe course, as a study shows. What makes the disease so difficult to predict are the transmission routes that are still not fully understood.

Especially studentFigures from the RKI show that they have apparently been pandemic drivers for a long time, even if they hardly had any symptoms themselves. Anyone infected with Covid-19 can potentially pass the virus on to others, but this is not the case with 70 percent of them. Many outbreaks are going through against it Super spreaders caused. They are often under 40 years old, have no symptoms and infect an average of 20 more people, but sometimes many more. The risk to yourself in your own household Incidentally, infecting an infected family member is less than long thought. Family celebrations are particularly risky.

How can you protect yourself against Covid-19?

Anyone who follows the AHA rules – keep your distance, observe hygiene and wear an everyday mask (mouth and nose cover) – has already done a lot for it. If we spend a lot of time indoors in autumn and winter, regular ventilation is very important. You will find a lot of tips on how to implement all the precautionary measures in everyday life here. If you also want to strengthen your immune system preventively, you will find it here.

How is it going with the corona vaccine and the vaccination strategy in Germany?

At the beginning of November the federal government has one national vaccination strategy presented how people in Germany can be vaccinated. It is the basis for the vaccinations that will soon begin.

First approved in Germany is the one developed by the Mainz company Biontech Corona vaccine. The fastest vaccine ever developed received first emergency approval in the UK, US and Canada, followed in the EU. Everything about the effectiveness, approval and distribution of the vaccine can be found here.

Up to 4,000 people are said to be in the Vaccination centers can be vaccinated on the day. However, problems with the cold chain and the allocation of appointments had been preoccupying the federal and state governments for weeks. You can read here and here how exactly it works in a vaccination center. But first you have to clarify which one Priority group you count. First of all, only those over 80 years of age with previous illnesses should be vaccinated. Medical professionals who work in the vaccination centers will also have the opportunity to vaccinate at an early stage.

Which corona rules apply where in Germany?

Between October and December, the federal and state governments have repeatedly adjusted the corona rules. A tough lockdown will apply from December 16.

What is politics doing in the Corona crisis?

How serious the situation in the Corona crisis is is shown not only by the numbers of new infections, but also by those about them free intensive care beds in Germany’s hospitals. And it doesn’t look good there.

The corona crisis in Germany demands and overwhelms the School operation in the country. Problem number 1: Digital teaching is hardly possible due to a lack of funds, a lack of commitment and a lack of experience. Problem number 2: There is still a lack of conclusive concepts for the Face-to-face teaching safe to design – even for teachers who feel they are under increasing pressure.

Home office has become more normal in the Corona crisis. Yet in the future it will be a Right to work from home give? This is the status of the debate – security experts give you these tips to protect you against hacker attacks in the home office. Here you can read which right as working parents you have a crisis and what the boss can ask of you. And if you’re wondering if your employer does May require vaccination from you, you will find it here.

Lateral thinkers, corona deniers, supporters of conspiracies, citizens of the Reich, right-wing extremists – These groups have been demonstrating against the corona requirements of politics for months. The movement is becoming increasingly radical, with the first attacks and acts of violence already taking place.

The coronavirus also worries the Bundestag. Because MPs from the AfD smuggled troublemakers and corona deniers into the parliament building – and because MPs apparently do not meet Quarantine rules hold.

In the spring it turned out that the Health authorities in Germany are overwhelmed with monitoring the spread of the coronavirus. Above all, there was a lack of staff. The bad news: this is still the case.

The Corona warning app should help to facilitate and accelerate contact tracing in the case of corona infections. The plan didn’t work out. Now the app should get an update – it is questionable whether all problems with it are off the table.

And how is the economy doing in the pandemic?

The most important tool in a crisis is that Short-time allowance. The Federal Employment Agency (BA) pays employees up to 87 percent of the lost net wages. Hundreds of thousands of companies have applied for the money, and the BA has paid out a double-digit billion amount in recent months.

Still, many companies are of course not doing well. The state is not investing billions more to help affected companies. Especially the so-called November helps are quite interesting for many companies, as they will get 75 percent of their turnover from November 2019 replaced – even with lockdown, restaurateurs should end up spending more money in the pandemic than without closed businesses, because the number of passers-by in the cities goes down during the pandemic significantly down on the previous year. In other words, people eat less anyway.

But it is also clear: From January this sales-oriented aids will no longer be available. Now that the retail trade must close, only the fixed costs should be paid. But that also means that retailers get less than restaurants in November. And that causes great annoyance among industry representatives, because they fear that up to 250,000 jobs will be lost in the city centers.

Economists now expect it to be one in the coming year inflation can come in Germany. In the tourism and events sector in particular, prices are expected to rise, but only temporarily.

How can I deal with the mental stress of the Corona crisis?

The corona crisis is undoubtedly an enormous burden for everyone. However, workers should also use the job talk about it when they’re drained. There are corresponding tips for this.

In order for your mental health to be in good shape, there are two important basic requirements. We explain what these are here. Here and here there are strategies against Stress in lockdownso that the ceiling does not fall on your head and you can better handle bad news

It can be particularly difficult for those who blame themselves jto have infected someone. There are tips here when dealing with. can help with that.

And how is the fight against the coronavirus actually going abroad?

The second wave of corona infections hits almost all countries in the world. However, some have found ways and means to contain and contain the virus Living with the virus to enable – Taiwan, Australia and China for example.

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