The corona traffic light de facto turns off briefly

The traffic light system was understood completely differently by the population: namely that specific measures are linked to the individual colors. So on Tuesday parents asked desperately on Facebook whether they should send their children to school …


Because the original traffic light plan stipulated that homeschooling was the trend for the upper school at Orange. This came about after the decision that seven districts will be orange, but not. “The publication of the measures only served the purpose of transparency, which the Commission can recommend, but was never fixed,” explains the Anschober office.

But the fact is: When the Corona traffic light was presented, the Ministry of Health made the “Color theory” and measures public on the website (corona-ampel.gv.at).

A few days later, when the chaos after the nationwide ordinances began, the traffic light colors and their consequences were suddenly no longer available on the website. “The first mistake when designing the traffic light was that green didn’t actually mean green. Because green is anchored in people’s minds with ‘risk-free’. That was not the case in this case. The second mistake happened in the nationwide measures. The rules for the events were somewhere between yellow and orange, ”said political advisor Thomas Hofer, criticizing the approach to the KURIER.

You can currently read the traffic light system on the Internet again. However, only for three of the four levels – namely green, yellow and orange. In terms of content, however, the whole thing is prepared differently than at the start. Now there are two sections to consult: what the commission recommended and what the government has decided. At the moment there is no information about what happens when a district or a city is switched to red.

Meeting in the Chancellery

By the way, today, Wednesday, in front of the Council of Ministers there is a meeting with the seven orange districts in the Chancellery. Not only are possible measures to be discussed, the question is also how quickly the tests run and how testing via the 1450 hotline works.


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