the crazy flying car project made in France

Based in Aix-en-Provence, the start-up Maca is developing a model of a hydrogen flying car called Carcopter. The project will be presented at CES in Las Vegas.

The craft does not resemble any of the drone taxis or flying cars presented so far. Normal, with its insectoid silhouette, the Maca Carcopter aims for the motor racing of the future. While it may seem wacky at first, the concept is serious: it will be presented from January 11 to 14 at the tech-savvy mass, digital version, at CES in Las Vegas.

The carcopter was born in 2018 in the minds of ex-fighter pilot Thierry De Boisvilliers and Michael Krollak, a former Airbus executive. They founded their start-up in Aix-en-Provence in November 2019, but already have a small-scale replica of their machine. 2.5 m long and equipped with batteries, it outlines the final model which should extend over 5 to 6 m. Maca expects a first take-off by the end of 2021 and competition by 2023. The device will run on electricity first, but the start-up says it will test hydrogen.

With a fuel cell and its tanks, the carcopter should overcome the autonomy limits imposed by battery electrics. Capable of reaching 246 km / h according to its designers, the semi-automatic drone will be offered at racing circuits such as that of Paul-Ricard, the Alès-Cévennes pole and the 24h of Le Mans. A first educational career intended to popularize the concept of the flying car. In an interview with the media Made in Marseille, Thierry De Boisvilliers indeed announces that he wants “Make them accessible to everyone within 15 years”.


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