The cute AI of the year award goes to … the Moflin, your corona cuddly robot

Every year a company promises the best, most emotionally intelligent, most human AI and robot. With the Moflin, however, Vanguard Industries seems to have shot the main bird. The thing is irresistibly cute.

Very cuddly, it makes squeaking noises and it is allergen-free and corona-proof. That is the essence of the Moflin: the AI ​​cuddly robot that Vanguard Industries is presenting at this year’s tech fair CES. Right on target, because the moving, emotionally intelligent AI robot made even our stone-cold hearts a little softer.

What exactly is the Moflin? If you ask us, it is a cross between a medium-sized guinea pig, a robot, a furby and a tamagotchi. The Moflin moves on its own, makes some animal peeps that are particularly endearing and even has emotions. The robot can feel calm, happy, normal and everything in between.

Personal cuddly robot

In addition, the animal also reacts to what you do with it. In fact, the Moflin is smart enough to hear the difference between different people and thus to respond accordingly. Handy: this way you can argue with your cuddly contact about who is the favorite of your cuddly robot.

Does all of that sound a bit niche? We wouldn’t dare say that to the fans. De Moflin has already raised $ 600,000 on Kickstarter, enough to finally get it on the shelves. For $ 400 you have a squeaky, cuddly and sniffing thing at home.

Sleep, Moflin, sleep

The advantage of a robot over a pet is of course that it does not leave any mess and that you cannot forget to feed it. That is to say: you must of course charge the battery.

You don’t just do that at the socket, but by folding the Moflin into its own nest, where it will take a well-deserved nap. By the way, while it charges, it also makes animal sleep noises and moves like it is actually sleeping. Nice and comforting.

Whether or not you should buy a Moflin yourself, will be left in the middle, but the prize at CES 2021 for ‘convincingly cute’ will no doubt go to Vanguard Industries this year.


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