The cute relaxation RPG Alchemic Cutie is first coming to Xbox

When we last came over Alchemic Cutie reported, it was still a PC Steam game that should also be released for Nintendo Switch. As of yesterday, it’s a colorful RPG that is “first” released for Xbox. The switch version will probably also come, even if it has been agreed not to disclose it in the current report. The PC Steam version is of course still planned.

According to publisher PM Studios, Alchemic Cutie is a relaxing RPG set on the colorful island of Wimba, where wild jellies live and wait to be tamed by the players. It is also important to uncover the secret of Wimba with the inhabitants of the island.

Each jelly has individually generated status values ​​and properties – there are also over 4,000 different designs. Players can tame and breed the perfect jelly companions to compete against each other for prizes. If you want to strengthen the jellies additionally, you have to make use of alchemy to create special items with powerful effects or to transmute items to rarities.

Images: Alchemic Cutie, PM Studios, Circle Entertainment / Viridian Software, Vakio


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