The days are numbered: the next PlayStation exclusive will be released for PCs and more will follow

After Horizon Zero Dawn, Sony will soon release the next PC exclusive. The post-apocalyptic survival zombie game Days Gone from Sony’s first-party developer Bend Studio is due to appear on Steam this spring. Horizon Zero Dawn is already available there.

Death Stranding was previously released for PCs, but it was developed by Kojima Productions, a third party studio. In addition, the PC release was a poorly kept secret from the start. Sony PlayStation surprised fans last year with Horizon Zero Dawn. And now Days Gone is following suit.

Not a new trend at all

This undoubtedly initiates a trend that is not all that new, however. With PlayStation Now you have been able to play exclusive PlayStation games on PCs for a long time, even if you stay in the PlayStation cosmos to some extent. Days Gone has been available there since October last year. The Steam releases, on the other hand, are a new development.

A development that will continue. This was revealed by Sony President and CEO Jim Ryan in an interview with GQ, translated by Eurogamer. So there is an opportunity to bring great games to a wider audience. In this way, profitability can be promoted in times when game development is becoming more and more expensive.

“The cost of developing games increases with each cycle as the caliber of IPs has improved. It has also become easier to make them available to non-console owners as well. So it’s a pretty easy decision for us to make, ”said Jim Ryan.

A simple calculation

And the calculation is a simple one. Games like Days Gone or Horizon Zero Dawn are now available on the Grabbeltisch for a few euros. On Steam they are back at full price in stores and PC gamers should access by the thousands.

It seems important that the fairs of the games are sung on PlayStation. So you don’t have to expect any great negative feedback from the community. “There were no massive negative reactions to it. So we will continue to take steps in that direction, ”explains Ryan.

Which PlayStation title do you think is the next Steam game?

Images: Days Gone, Sony, Bend Studio


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