The delusional objective of Jean-Baptiste Djebarri

Electric car charging station

Asked about RMC and BFMTV, the Secretary of State for Transport announced an over-optimistic target of 100,000 charging stations by 2021, in order to “strengthen the model of the electric vehicle”.

Two recent articles show that charging infrastructure is a pillar of the development of the electric car. England is betting on fast kiosks, and BNEF has indicated that 12 million sites will be needed by 2040 worldwide. What about France?

76,000 new terminals in 18 months?

Today, France has 24,000 public electric charging stations according to the Secretary of State in charge of Transport. A number that the government representative wants to quadruple quickly.

“We still have a brake on the use of the electric car: we have too few terminals, especially over long distances”, said Jean-Baptiste Djebbari on BFMTV / RMC on Tuesday, announcing a target of 100,000 terminals in 2022. I am convinced that with the collective effort, we can have 100,000 terminals in 2021 ” he added.

Contrary to what the title of the video claims, there are 100,000 terminals across France, not just on the highway.

Differentiated rates?

“We are going to ask a lot of highway dealers, I will ask them to install these terminals quickly”, adds Djebbari. “I also ask to think about a new price list” he continues.

He also mentioned the possibility of “Differentiated rates depending on whether you use clean vehicles, depending on whether you are carpooling”, while admitting that “This is an unfinished job”.

Author’s opinion

These figures seem completely eccentric. It took 10 years to accumulate 24,000 terminals in the country, a number that AVERE-France estimates at 29,000 at the end of December 2019. They are also available in more than 12,000 places. To consult them, the government site offers a map, just like Chargemap.

Multiply the number of terminals by four in 18 months? We do not say that this is impossible but with what means? Who will pay the bulk of the bill? Highway concessions, manufacturers, the state, Europe? With the current crisis, affecting all sectors of the economy, this is certainly a wish more than realism.

Although we dream of seeing as many, we are more likely to see the 100,000 charging stations materialize by 2025. What about fast and ultra-fast charging stations? According to je-roule-en-Ć©, only 60 stations exist in France and no plan is on the horizon. In England, 2,500 terminals are planned by 2030, this would be a good example to follow.

On the point of differentiated tariffs, we do not understand the nuance of a clean car or not on a terminal mentioned by the Secretary of State. Will we have a difference in recharging prices between an electric and a rechargeable hybrid vehicle? Or between different electric cars? However, we support the measure on carpooling, encouraging to reduce traffic.


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