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The different types of lamps for lighting in your interior do this

The floor lamp

A floor lamp is often placed next to a sofa or armchair. With a floor lamp you create atmosphere and the lamp is also useful as a reading lamp. “So you can let the lamp shine on the wall or, for example, on your book,” says stylist Denise van den Berg. You can also easily move a floor lamp, which is handy if you like to regularly change your interior.

Hanging lamps

A hanging lamp is perfect if you want to create more light in a certain place. With a hanging lamp you can accentuate a place and add more atmosphere. This lamp is super good above the dining table according to Denise. “You can choose one large lamp or two lamps symmetrical to each other. Do you want a more playful effect? Then choose a group of hanging lamps that hang at different heights. ”

Denise advises not to bring too many different lamps in the house, this quickly makes the room restless. It is smart to go for a hanging lamp where you can dim the light so that you do not feel that you are in the “spotlights” when you are sitting around the table with friends. If you want to spread the light more, it is best to opt for a glass lampshade.

Table lamp

A table lamp can be decorative but also provide extra light in the room. For example, this lamp is often used next to the TV. “Keep in mind that you choose a closed hood at that location, so that you don’t look at the bulb all evening.” A table lamp also looks great on bedside tables and desks. Nowadays you can find these lamps in different variants such as a monkey or a tiger, super nice for the nursery!

Ceiling light

This lamp ensures that the room is evenly illuminated and is actually the basis of the lighting in the house. Do you also want to accentuate certain places with this light? Then choose ceiling spots, which you can often turn and dim. A ceiling lamp also sometimes makes the room appear lower, so think carefully in which rooms this is useful. “A ceiling lamp is especially practical and is useful in the bathroom, for example, because it hangs flat against the ceiling.”

Wall lamp

Do you have a dark corner in the living room that would like to light up? Then a wall lamp is the perfect solution! A wall lamp provides soft light and can also beautifully accentuate accessories in the house such as painting. “A wall lamp is ideal for behind the sofa, for example, in combination with a floor lamp on the other side.” Denise’s tip: “Don’t be frugal with lighting, rather a little too much light than a dark interior.”

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