the dream of a Cyberpunk hydrogen supercar

James Glickenhaus released an image of a retro-futuristic car SCG009, which would run on liquid hydrogen and capable of traveling several thousand kilometers.

The image is posted to Facebook, with terse text. This is not the brainchild of a young designer but of a certain James Glickenhaus. This financier and producer started with a unique Ferrari P4 / 5 in 2006. He then rolled it out into a racing car with his own brand SCG (Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus) in 2010. Recently, he has been working on road cars, such as the SGC006 with the hints of Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupé. However, we did not expect a new genre for his new creation.

This SCG009 has a retro-futuristic style. The inspiration is clear, coming from the Lancia Stratos Zero concept, or from a Vector W8. But in this guise, it is not a 100% electric system, but a fuel cell system. While the American does not give any details or figures, he specifies that the hydrogen is here in liquid form. In current use, hydrogen is gaseous, up to a pressure of 700 bar. Only rockets run on liquid hydrogen, which is more energy dense but requires a temperature of about -253 ° C (or 20 kelvin).

Another indication is that of autonomy. Many dream of an electric car battery capable of exceeding 1,000 km. But even if it means dreaming, Glickenhaus does it until the end with insane autonomy. He said the car could go from Los Angeles to New York in one go. The SCG009 would therefore have nearly 4,500 km of range, 6 times more than the new Toyota Mirai.

Ready to challenge Tesla on Mars?

The disposition of SCG009 on another planet, which appears to be colonized Mars, shows that the application is not for tomorrow. You never know, Elon Musk is thinking of launching Man on the Red Planet by the end of the decade. So Tesla is already there a rival?


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