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During this period of lockdown we are asked to stay at home as much as possible, but the Greek islands and Canary Islands recently got code yellow again. We want to know what the consequences are for you of the stricter rules regarding travel. Many have canceled their trip and are staying at home, and those already abroad stay there because they consider it safer there, according to the responses.

Petra van Leeuwen, who lives in Spain, was in any case surprised about the laxity in the Netherlands. “We recently traveled to the Netherlands to visit family and friends. Now that we are back, we notice how disciplined the Spaniards are, which means that life here continues somewhat normally. ”

Some people were already abroad and cannot go back into lockdown due to neighboring countries. Marinus Esser stays with his caravan in Portugal until he can travel through Spain and France without any problems. Others have canceled, including Willem Tates. “It’s not doing because the codes are constantly changing.”

Wherever you are, we hope you stay healthy!

Safer in Algarve

We have been in the Algarve (Portimao) since February and will not come to the Netherlands until the virus has disappeared. Here are the fewest infections and the weather is excellent!

Piet Berge


On March 17 we have booked for Tenerife to spend the winter, before November 17 we can still cancel free of charge. Due to the back and forth going from yellow to orange, we have decided to cancel the trip.

Willem Tates

We stay in Portugal

We are in Portugal with the caravan on a campsite. We thought it would be nice to stay here in the yellow area. Now Spain and France are in a lockdown. So we will wait here until Spain and France turn yellow again, because we have not read anywhere that we should not be here.

Marinus Esser

Stick to rules

Because of my vital profession, I am often abroad. The spread of corona has nothing to do with crossing borders, but mainly with not applying the rules. If you really adhere to the measures (mouth mask, 1.5 meters, wash hands) you can stay anywhere.

Morten Bjerre

Far too insecure

I would rather go to Gran Canaria yesterday than today. But as much as I miss everything and everyone there, I still wait. Because of corona I still find it all too uncertain. In addition, “my” hotel and all my favorite restaurants are still closed, so it’s not the vacation I normally enjoy.

Monique Valk


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