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The Dutch have much less sex in third wave

The Dutch do ‘it’ less during the third lockdown. This is evident from a study by Christine le Duc. The research shows that about a quarter of the Dutch have less sex during the third wave.

During the lockdown of the first wave, sex was one of the favorite pastime pastimes while sitting at home, but that’s different now. 22 percent of the study participants report having sex less than usual during the third wave. The lockdown is also the reason that less happens between the sheets.

Sex life ‘gloomy’ in third wave

“Where we couldn’t keep apart in the first wave because we were more at home and therefore a baby boom arose in the second wave, our sex life in the third wave turns out to be particularly bleak and stressful,” explains Audrey van Ham, CEO of Christine le Duc, out.

More than eleven percent of the respondents say they are in the mood less often. Ten percent indicate that it is because the children are at home more often and another ten percent experience more stress and therefore skip once. Another reason is that we have less time for ourselves than a year ago.

Need for sex

Often the sentence is there, but it is not done anyway. Half of those surveyed appear to have a greater need for sex, but sixty percent indicate that they do not do it more often. It is not known whether these respondents are single or in a relationship. Men in particular lack physical contact. 66 percent of men indicate that they have too little physical contact, compared to 33 percent for women.

“Apparently women take better care of themselves, as this research shows that they bought lingerie and love toys en masse during the lockdown,” says Van Ham. The CEO is concerned that many people have not learned or discovered anything about sexual matters during this period. “Sex life in the third wave is very sad.”

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We do ‘it’ less in the third wave: ‘Our sex life turns out to be bleak’


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