The Dutch would rather go on vacation than find true love | To travel

This is evident from a large international survey by among 28,000 respondents from 28 different countries.

All respondents, including 1000 from the Netherlands, were asked, among other things, whether they viewed travel differently due to the corona pandemic, what kind of holiday they particularly want and whether preparations have already been made for a future trip.


The fact that in 2020 it was not possible to travel as we were used to before, has had a great impact on our well-being. 42% of the Dutch indicate that the travel restrictions had a negative impact on their mental health and an almost the same number of Dutch people (38%) felt trapped in their own home because of the travel restrictions.

For 55% of the Dutch respondents, travel is more important now than before the pandemic. Meanwhile, 76% prefer travel to success at work; they would rather go on vacation than be promoted. In addition, 71% prefer traveling over finding true love.

Future trip

The fact that the Dutch cannot wait to travel again is evident from the preparations that are being made. Two in five (42%) of Dutch travelers have used the long time at home to plan future trips and 36% have saved more vacation days to possibly take a longer vacation in 2021.

Beach holidays remain very popular and four in ten (40%) Dutch people are confident that they will be able to go on a beach holiday again in the summer of 2021.

It also appears that people are ready for some relaxation after a hectic time. A relaxing vacation at the beach or at a spa will therefore be the first trip for almost a fifth (17%) of travelers, once it is safe to travel again. Only 11% plan to book an active trip and only 5% have a city trip as a priority.


Despite the knowledge that the pandemic is not over yet, six in ten Dutch travelers (63%) have more hope about traveling in 2021 due to the roll-out of corona vaccines. Almost the same number of Dutch people (60%) say they want to travel even more in 2021, because they could hardly do this in 2020.

Confidence in the vaccines is high: more than half (54%) of Dutch travelers say that they will only travel internationally when they have been vaccinated, compared to 69% among the over-55s. 51% of Dutch travelers indicate that they only want to travel to countries that have implemented vaccination programs. There is also some reluctance: 31% doubt whether a vaccine really makes traveling safer.


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