The electric 2CV becomes reality thanks to the R-Fit kit

Citroën 2 CV refurbished van

The R-FIT retrofit car kit, from the 2CV Méhari Club Cassis, for the legendary Citroën is the first to be approved in France.

Offered from € 9,000, the Méhari Club Cassis 2CV kit converts an antique 2CV into an electric car. As for the tank, it will be exchanged for a battery that will offer up to 90 kilometers of autonomy.

Retrofitting has been authorized since April 2020 in France on all vehicles over 5 years old in good condition. To do this, a kit corresponding to the vehicle must be available. Indeed, for a retrofit to be approved, the power of the vehicle must be identical to the original one. This is now possible for the 2CV6 thanks to the one developed by the 2CV Méhari Club Cassis. Orders for the R-FIT kit will open next June.

2CVs converted to electric will thus be able to circulate freely, even in EPZs, thanks to their zero-emission engines. The 2CV van version, AKS 400, can also be converted like the one produced for the Vintage Mecanic show.


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