The electric BMW iX is available for up to 18,024 euros below the recommended retail price

The SUV iX is set to become BMW’s electric flagship, which is why the Munich-based company has put its latest technology and some innovations into the car. The drive works without rare earths, updates are available over the air, the inside is around 60 centimeters long curved display and the touch surfaces are made of wood. On our first trip, the iX impresses as a sovereign touring car that shows itself to be sovereign, fast and comfortable. From the end of November 2021, the iX will be available from dealers at prices from 77,300 euros. But you can already configure the electric SUV and there are already huge discounts: With the provider you can currently save up to 18,024 euros. The purchase premium for electric cars is already included. (Here are important tips for buying a new car on the Internet!)



BMW iX with a discount

The BMW iX is available for up to 18,024 euros below the list price at (As of October 4, 2021)

Unusually there is the highest discount on the basic engine, the iX xDrive40. Its output is 326 hp (240 kW) and 630 Nm. A battery with a capacity of 76.6 kWh (net: 71 kWh) serves as a power storage device, which is 80 percent charged again in 34 minutes on a fast charger and has a WLTP range of up to 425 kilometers. The electric car is also suitable as a towing vehicle, because the trailer load is up to 2.5 tons. to There is only one equipment variant for the iX. Standard features include 20-inch aerodynamic wheels, an LED light that switches on automatically when it gets dark, including a high beam sensor and electrically adjustable seats with heated seats for the driver and front passenger with synthetic leather covers. The Driving Assistant is always on board ex works, bundling various functions such as lane departure and lane change warning, cross traffic warning and rear collision warning and displaying speed limits and no-overtaking zones. The Parking Assistant is available so that the five-meter-long iX can be maneuvered into parking spaces as comfortably as possible. This includes, for example, a parking beeper, a reversing camera, an emergency braking function when reversing and a side parking aid that remembers obstacles when driving past and shows their distance. The basic version of the BMW actually costs 77,300 euros, but the electric SUV is much cheaper at Over 12,000 euros in addition to the environmental bonus can be saved there (Attention: the transfer costs reduce the discount by a few hundred euros). The best offers start at 60,266 euros.

The more powerful iX xDrive50 can save up to 10,880 euros

Of course, there are also savings with the stronger model. The iX xDrive50 has the same equipment on board, only the drive differs from that of its weaker brother. 523 electric horsepower (385 kW) and 765 Nm are mobilized, the battery has a gross capacity of 111.5 kWh and a net 105.2 kWh. That is enough for up to 631 kilometers. The charging time is only five minutes longer than an SUV with a smaller battery: the battery is 80 percent full again in 39 minutes. Here, too, the trailer load is up to 2.5 tons. With a base price of 98,000 euros, the iX xDrive50 is of course significantly more expensive. At, including the environmental bonus, you can save up to 10,880 euros, it is available from 87,120 euros.

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