The electric car finally integrated into the kilometer scale of taxes

The new scale of tax mileage allowances for 2021 has just been published in the Official Journal.

If the scale for thermal vehicles does not change compared to 2020, the 2021 version features a novelty that will delight electric motorists.

Until now, the additional cost for the purchase of an electric vehicle was not included in the calculation of the scale. But it is now done. The French government has decided to opt for a simple increase in the price per kilometer of electric vehicles. The increase thus applicable is 20%.

For example, for a thermal car of 4 CV making less than 5000 km per year for business trips, the scale indicates 0.523 € per kilometer. Under the same conditions, a 4 CV electric car, such as the Corsa-e or the Renault Zoé, is increased by 20% or € 0.628 per kilometer. The government finally took into account the particularity of electric cars.

Below is the kilometer scale applicable for electric cars in 2021.

Administrative power (in CV)Distance (d) up to 5,000 kmDistance (d) from 5,001 km to 20,000 kmDistance (d) beyond 20,000 km
3 HP and lessdx 0.547(dx 0.328) + 1098dx 0.382
4 HPdx 0.628(dx 0.353) + 1376dx 0.422
5 HPdx 0.658(dx 0.3700) + 1440dx 0.442
6 HPdx 0.689(dx 0.388) + 1507dx 0.463
7 HP and moredx 0.721(dx 0.408) + 1,561dx 0.486

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