the electric car produced in the United States?

While the partnership with the Hyundai group is not yet official, rumor has it that the Kia subsidiary assembles the Apple electric car in one of its factories in the United States.

In oblivion for years, the Apple electric car seems to be confirmed week by week. At the end of December, it was an association with Hyundai that gave more substance to the rumor.

New information adds details from South Korea. The eDaily media announced that the Kia brand would be responsible for producing the Apple Car. The vehicle would come out of the West Point plant in Georgia. A site that currently assembles the Sorento SUV, the large Telluride or the Optima sedan.

Information which echoes Kia’s new plan announcing 7 electrics by 2027. The Korean manufacturer’s strategy could stick to the spirit of the “Project Titan” of the apple firm. Kia responded, however, that the talks are “At too early a stage” concerning this American production.

The “Made in USA” to remake an image?

Apple is in the sights of US presidents. The company still manufactures its iPhones in China, which it tries to hide under the slogan “Designed by Apple in California”. However, CEO Tim Cook gave in to pressure from Barack Obama and then Donald Trump to keep Mac computer manufacturing in Texas.

Also, local auto manufacturing has been a source of tension in the United States since Trump’s arrival. The soon to be ex-President had pointed the finger at his national manufacturers for imports from Mexico from China.

A local construction would allow Apple to go under the radar and forget the Made in China of its phones.


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