the electric city car resumes production

e.Go Mobile has come a long way. While heavy fears weighed on the electric city car, the German manufacturer finally managed to complete the fundraising necessary for the resumption of production.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken a lot e.Go Mobile. A safeguard procedure had even been filed with the court of Aix-la-Chapelle in April 2020. The assembly lines of the e.Go Life had been at a standstill since early July 2020. The 450 employees were put on short-time work.

The German startup should get out of the rut. And this, thanks to a fundraising of 30 million euros. In action: nd Industrial Investments BV, behind which hides its majority shareholder.

Big names have come to help the electric city car. Thus Alejandro Agag, founder of Formula E, and actor director Edward Norton. Also John Snow, former Secretary of the US Treasury, and Moore Strategic Ventures.

Employees should gradually come out of their partial unemployment. Production of the machine would resume next June. The first copies would be delivered in July, in a special edition e.GO Life Next. A designation that recalls the name adopted by the company last September: Next.e.GO Mobile SE.

One thousand units of this limited series will be delivered to the first customers. Its selling price in Germany: 22,990 euros.

The autonomy of the electric city car is 132 km according to the WLTP combined cycle. It is obtained from a lithium-ion battery with 21.5 kWh of energy capacity. The pack powers a motor of 57 kW of power.

Author’s opinion

It is good news that the electric city car is not sinking with the current pandemic.

For more sustainable mobility, manufacturers have a lot to learn from companies like E. Go Mobile. And of Sono Motors too.

These startups maintain a segment that the big brands want to desert for reasons of insufficient profitability.

It is a good thing that personalities lend their names to ensure a future for these companies. They are financially a little fragile, because they have to create everything. Including their production tool.


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