the electric compact at 199 € / month

With a few months of delays, the first Volkswagen ID.3s set foot on French dealerships. An arrival that is accompanied by an introductory offer at € 199 / month.

No more software worries and the lockdown period… Volkswagen can finally launch its new generation electric car. After the opening of reservations and orders, the Volkswagen ID.3 finally arrives in France.

The first copies of the German compact have therefore reached the dealerships, with a delay of three months and start deliveries to customers. ” this week-end “. Originally scheduled for June, the launch series ID.3 1st is the first, but it is not known how many French customers have positioned themselves on this series limited to 30,000 copies in Europe.

199 € / month, bonus included

On the other finishes, Volkswagen is highlighting introductory offers in LLD. The first concerns the Life 58 kWh model at 199 € / month. This rental rate is valid for a period of 37 months with a contribution of € 11,100 reduced to € 4,100 once the ecological bonus has been deducted. The second version is the ID.3 Tour. Equipped with a 77 kWh battery, its monthly payments climb to € 459 / month.

Over 3 years, the cost of this LLD offer is respectively € 18,463 and € 28,083 or € 11,463 and and € 25,083 after bonus. In full purchase, the entry-level ID.3 Life starts at € 37,990. More upscale, the Tower starts at € 48,990, a difference of € 15,000 after bonus.

To support the arrival of the first Volkswagen ID.3 1sts, the brand is also organizing Open Days on September 12 and 13. The opportunity to compare it to its two main rivals: the Nissan Leaf and the Hyundai Ioniq!


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