the electric flagship confirmed for 2026

Volkswagen Trinity 2026 teaser profile

With recharging in minutes and autonomous driving, the large Trinity sedan is shaping up to be Volkswagen’s next technological showcase.

The recent ID.3 synthesizes 5 years of post-Dieselgate work. But what will an electric Volkswagen look like in 5 years? For this, the future Trinity of 2026 pushes research on three axes: platform / technologies, supply and production.

Thanks to the first teasing image unveiled by the manufacturer, we know that it will be a large sedan. It thus recovers the line of the Phaeton, whose electric return announced in 2015 had been aborted. At this stage, no characteristics announced but the manufacturer hopes that “Recharging will be as quick as refueling”.

Autonomous driving will be the other major breakthrough on board, reaching a level 4 (out of 5). Thus, the Trinity will drive alone from point A to point B, under certain conditions promises the manufacturer.

A Volkswagen Trinity inspired by Tesla

In addition to the vehicle itself, Volkswagen will “Rethink” production, via “Digitization, automation and lightweight construction”. Like Volvo’s announcement on Monday, the German group will propose “Much fewer versions and the material will be largely standardized”.

The brand therefore favors the Tesla model (3 versions maximum, few options). Proof, the Trinity will evolve after purchase with “Software functions that customers can reserve according to their needs, or for automated driving”. It is therefore the continuation of the Autopilot subscription, but with 5 years of delay.

Volkswagen ID Vizzion concept 2018

Volkswagen Trinity shares some features of 2018 ID Vizzion concept


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