The electric Mini gets a makeover

Like the rest of the range, the Mini Cooper SE gets a bit of dusting.

For this new vintage, the entire Mini range has been retouched. In the electric department, the Mini Cooper SE also benefits from the recent restyling. All the cosmetic part has been revised, but the mechanics of the electric city car do not move.

The new Mini Cooper SE is now distinguished by the new grille, whose rim which frames most of the air intakes monkey the presence of a huge grille. Without doubt the heritage of BMW style. The gaze, now on a black background, is still so cartoonish and the long scopes disappear in favor of two slits. The stern evolves to a lesser extent with a retouched shield.

New versions in the catalog of the Mini Cooper SE

Three colors are added to the Mini’s color chart and a new multicolored roof makes its appearance in the options catalog. The interior gains a new steering wheel and some alterations to harmonize the lines. The digital instrumentation inaugurated on the previous SE has been extended and generalized to all the other versions.

On the technical side, the new electric Mini Cooper retains the same endowment as its predecessor. It is based on a 32.6 kWh battery allowing a range of between 225 km and 234 km. The electric motor placed at the front retains its 184 hp. The city car is now available with a new version, including the two Electric Collection and Electric. The price list starts at € 33,900 in the Essential version and climbs to € 41,500 in the Yours version.


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