the electric Mustang shifted to early 2021

According to a series of emails sent by the manufacturer to its customers, the electric Ford Mustang should not arrive in Europe before the start of 2021. In question: the delays linked to the Covid-19 crisis.

With production stoppages linked to the Coronavirus epidemic, manufacturers are forced to adapt their schedule. If Renault recently confirmed that its electric Twingo would be launched on time, Ford seems to have lagged behind with its Mustang Mach E. Initially planned for the end of 2020, deliveries of the new electric car from the American manufacturer have been delayed by a few weeks. According to the Mach-E Forum, holders of reservations in Europe have been notified by email of the situation. ” Unfortunately, COVID-19 disrupted our production plants, which will cause a delay in the delivery of your Ford Mustang Mach-E Explains the manufacturer.

In principle, this delay will only affect Europe. In the United States, the delivery of the first vehicles remains scheduled for the end of 2020. Asked by Electrek, the manufacturer explained that this delay in European deliveries was linked to the additional delays in getting the vehicles from the factory in Mexico where they are assembled. .


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