The electric Renault R5 would replace the Twingo

Renault CEO confirmed that the Twingo will not have a direct succession, leaving the replacement to the electric R5 by 2023

According to’Automobile Magazine, CEO Luca de Meo said the little Renault would not be replaced. For its partial succession, there will be the electric R5. This city car will not arrive until 2023, leaving another 2 or even 3 years of career to the Twingo ZE recently launched on the French market. Still existing today with a 65 hp petrol engine, the Twingo will therefore have a completely electric replacement.

A more muscular R5 than the Twingo?

Looking closely at the facies of the Renault 5 Prototype concept, we notice a false air of Twingo. We even compare it to the Twin’Run concept of 2013 which itself sported R5 gimmicks. Elsewhere, the references to the R5 of yesteryear are clear. The body will remain 5 doors, but with more imposing dimensions, however still remaining under 4 meters in length. The R5 will gain a few centimeters in length and lose in height, while retaining a small trunk limited by the tilted tailgate.

On the engine side, the concept exuded the sporty side, suggesting more power than the 81 hp of the Twingo ZE. In any case, the Alpine derivative will have something to forge a link with the legendary R5 Turbo.

Finally, the base price of the future electric R5 should drop under € 20,000, just to recover some of the Twingo customers. To find less expensive, you will have to go see the Dacia Spring Electric whose launch is expected in March.

Renault 5 Prototype R5 electric 2021

What price and what engine for the R5? Patience, it will not arrive until 2023!


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