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Small but not necessarily impractical: the Citroën Ami is now available in a Cargo version to meet the needs of professionals.

The Citroën Ami, which is not considered to be a car strictly speaking, surprises with its loading capacities: with a length of 2.41 m, it can carry two passengers for city use only. Until then without a safe, it is now much more practical since a Cargo version has just been unveiled.

However, in such a small volume, no surprise! It is the passenger seat which is then sacrificed to allow the Citroën Ami Cargo to carry an additional load volume of 260 liters thanks to a modular box. This new trunk is accessible from the passenger door and also has a shelf that can support 40 kg.

A total cargo volume of 400 liters for the Citroën Ami Cargo

In the end, the city car benefits from a useful loading volume of 400 l, for a payload of 140 kg. This should allow some city craftsmen to take advantage of the smallest emission-free utility, before the cargo bike so dreamed of by Madame Hidalgo.

For the rest, the Citroën Ami Cargo is perfectly similar to the Ami we already know, with a 5.5 kWh battery, an advertised range of 75 km and a top speed of 45 km / h. The Citroën Ami Cargo is available from € 7,390, excluding the € 900 bonus. We are now impatiently waiting for Citroën to update its offbeat communication campaign!


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