the electric sports car is the longest drift in the world

All means are good to achieve records. Proof of this is with the Porsche Taycan, which has just completed the longest drift in the world.

By embracing electric technology, manufacturers are once again entering the playground ’to figure out who has the best car. Whether in terms of consumption, battery, power or range, all means are good to shine. Tesla has just proven it by increasing the range of the Model S, to do better than the Lucid Air. But Porsche is entering another area.

To underline the sporty character of the Taycan, the Zuffenhausen firm decided to go for the record for the longest drift in an electric car. To achieve its ends, Porsche put on the track a rear-wheel drive version of the Taycan (like the one sold in China). At the wheel: Porsche instructor Dennis Retera, obviously accustomed to looking at the road through the side windows.

A drift at an average speed of 46 km / h

After a 55-minute, 210-lap waltz on the track at the Porsche Experience Center in Hockenheimring, the electric sedan entered Guinness World Records with a drift of 42.171 km, at an average speed of 46 km / h. An exercise that requires great concentration, but judged easy by the pilot thanks to the electric propulsion and the lowered center of gravity of battery cars.

Porsche has therefore opened a new page in electric car records and it is not impossible that other manufacturers are trying to steal the show from the German firm.

The ultimate record belongs to the BMW M5 F90

Remember, however, that the ultimate record in terms of controlled figure is held by the BMW M5 F90: the supercharged sedan had reached a distance of 374.09 km in 8 hours (i.e. a speed of 46 km / h again). More impressively, another record was set during this feat, when another BMW M5 crept onto the track to refuel the F90!

An exercise impossible to achieve in electric, which prevents cars in this segment from going to steal the show from the BMW M5. As such, it would be particularly interesting to know the remaining autonomy aboard the record Taycan or the average consumption data.


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