the electric sports car will be entitled to exclusive colors

Although the Tesla Roadster does not see the light of day quickly, Elon Musk has announced that the sportswoman will be able to benefit from new exclusive colors.

Announced for 2020 when it was presented in 2017, the Tesla Roadster will finally hit the roads a little later than expected. While the release schedule is still unclear, the boss of the brand delivers new information.

And these relate to the catalog of personalization of the sportswoman with the extra-terrestrial performances. While the brand’s other models use a color chart of just five colors, the Roadster will offer a more generous palette.

Yellow, green or purple at the rendezvous?

The Tesla Roadster should therefore resume most of the colors offered on the first generation of sports car, based on a Lotus Elise chassis. After the first red, gray or white shades seen on the prototypes, the sports car should benefit from more lively colors: yellow, sky blue, purple or English green would thus be offered.

Tesla has yet to specify the color catalog for the Roadster. In contrast, the brand seems to be opening up more and more to personalization. At this point, it is still too early to know whether the colors will be applied at the factory or whether Tesla will take advantage of its own nascent personalization service. Meanwhile, artist Mc-Astro delivers a first unofficial configurator.


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