the electric SUV available in all-wheel drive

The Mercedes EQA range is growing: after the entry-level 250 version, the electric SUV comes in a new version with all-wheel drive.

Unveiled at the start of the year, the Mercedes EQA is the brand’s second electric SUV. While its arrival in dealerships has only just begun, it is now available in a new version.

To the EQA 250 version is therefore added the Mercedes EQA 350 4Matic. As its name suggests, it adopts all-wheel drive with the appearance of a second electric motor installed on the rear axle.

7 kilometers and 9,300 € more

On the technical side, the configuration of this EQA 350 4Matic does not differ from that of the very recent Mercedes EQB therefore. Thus equipped, the compact SUV climbs to 292 hp of power. Also identical, the battery accumulates 66.5 kWh of capacity and maintains its two charging power levels of 11 kW (AC) and 100 kW (DC).

To date, only the top-of-the-range AMG Line finish of the Mercedes EQA 350 4 Matic is available in the French catalog. It announces a range of 426 km, against 419 km with the same level of finish in version 250. As for prices, it is necessary to count on an extension of € 9,300, or a final sale price of € 59,200 excluding ecological bonus .


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