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Mercedes EQA scoop 2020 camouflage

EQC’s little brother, the Mercedes EQA was surprised with an almost uncovered face. It will be launched at the end of 2020 with more than 400 km of autonomy.

If the presentation of the electric version of the GLA was postponed due to the Covid-19, this doesn’tnot prevent the manufacturer from continuing to run its prototypes. Scoop hunters have noticed one of them in Germany. It’s on the chain WalkoARTvideos that we can see the electric SUV with its counterpart GLA rechargeable hybrid. Unsurprisingly, it retains the silhouette of the latter (4.41 m), by bringing specific elements to the EQ range. Like the EQC, its bow is adorned with a large logo and a full grille while the stern receives a new strip of lights.

These similarities are the result of a single platform. Daimler adopts a PSA or BMW-style strategy while avoiding the development of a special electric base. In terms of power, the EQA should offer a 150 kW (204 hp) front engine, or even a second one at the rear, providing 4 wheel drive “4MATIC”, for a total of 306 hp. However, it is unknown whether it will take the 78 kWh batteries from the EQC. This should give it around 450 km of WLTP autonomy, all with a charge of up to 110 kW. The price could approach € 60,000 from rival Volvo XC40 Recharge. A price that would allow Mercedes’ electric SUV to benefit from the bonus of € 3,000 in France.

A civilized SUV that could be called a crossover, the Mercedes-Benz EQA will also have its manly companion, the EQB, an electric equivalent of the GLB. In addition, the range connected to the star will be inflated with the EQS sedan in 2021, then with the EQE. Other models will gradually join the range, Daimler planning 16 electric cars by 2025.

Mercedes EQA 2020 illustration Kleber Silva

The 2020 Mercedes EQA illustrated by Kleber Silva


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