The electric version of the Mini Cooper up to 13,019 euros below the recommended retail price

The fully electric Mini Cooper SE is visually almost indistinguishable from the conventionally powered Mini. On request, the Cooper SE in the so-called “Electric Trim” with yellow elements and particularly eye-catching rims can give one or the other hint that this is not an ordinary Mini. This is also noticeable in the pricing. Because while the three-door combustion engine is available from 20,000 euros, the prices for the electric Cooper only start at 32,500 euros. Currently, however, buyers can benefit from good offers: At, the Mini Cooper SE is available for up to 13,019 euros below the list price (As of January 2, 2022). The environmental bonus for electric vehicles is already included here.


Mini Cooper S.

Mini Cooper SE with discount

The Mini Cooper SE is available at with a discount of up to 13,019 euros. (As of January 2, 2022)

Regardless of which of the five available trims you choose, under the modern cover there is always the same technology. A 184 hp electric motor provides 270 Newton meters of torque and enables an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.3 seconds. If you don’t exhaust this spurt too often, it allows 32.6 kWh battery has a maximum range of at least 234 kilometers. In the city, this should be sufficient for almost all journeys. In order to get the full discount of over 13,000 euros, customers at are also spared the question of the right trim. Because the maximum discount is only available on the highest equipment variant “Mini Yours Trim”. Equipped in this way, things like the navigation package, “Mini Yours” leather seats and a leather sports steering wheel are part of the basic equipment of the compact electric car. Actually, Mini is calling for at least 36,300 euros for the elegantly equipped Cooper SE, at prices start at 24,271 euros. In addition to the environmental bonus that has already been taken into account, this is a discount of 3029 euros. A maximum discount of 13,019 euros including an environmental bonus is possible at Cooper SE – but you have to book a few optional extras for this (be careful, the transfer costs reduce this discount by a few hundred euros).

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