The end of diesel in Lyon in 2026?

The metropolis of Greater Lyon, under the leadership of the green mayor, is proposing an extension and hardening of the ZFE with the objective of “getting out of diesel” by the end of the mandate.

The traffic restriction zones prohibiting polluting vehicles are more and more numerous. Besides Paris and Grenoble, Lyon wants to become one of the most committed ZFE (Low Emission Zone) in France. This was one of the promises of EELV mayor, Grégory Doucet, for the 2020 municipal elections.

Last week, a steering committee published its vision for the coming years. The first development is intended to be geographic, including new municipalities. Today, the ZFE includes Lyon, Villeurbanne, as well as sections of Caluire-et-Cuire, Bron and Venissieux.

The second focus is on strengthening the rules, based on the principle of Crit’Air stickers, with the integration of certain passenger cars. As of January 1, Crit’Air 4 and 5 utilities are no longer authorized. The Crit’Air 3 will join them in 2021. The committee presented several scenarios, but gave its longer-term objective: “The exit of diesel by the end of the mandate”. This would imply in 2026 an extended ban on vehicles classified Crit’Air 2, allowing only electric vehicles, hydrogen, plug-in hybrid CNG / LPG, and gasoline circulating since 2011.

A lack of terminals

However, nothing is set in stone, since elected officials will or will not vote on the ideas in March 2021. Apart from the forthcoming tightening, various investments are also expected in the area of ​​mobility and in particular in that of charging stations. A recent article in Le Monde (paying) noted Lyon’s under-equipment, with around 200 public terminals for 3,000 vehicles, according to Izivia’s estimates.

ZFE Grand Lyon 2020

The current ZFE du Grand Lyon in 2020


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