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The end of the VW Passat sedan: how it has changed in 50 years

A first generation VW Passat in 1974.

A first generation VW Passat in 1974.

Grant Peterson / Fairfax Media via Getty Images

In addition to the Golf, Bulli and Beetle, the Passat is probably the Wolfsburg-based car that most people think of when they hear the brand name VW.

As a station wagon, limousine and the original sloping roof version, the Passat has become an icon worldwide – as a taxi in China, as a family coach in the Netherlands and as a limousine in the United States, and has been since 1973.

Now, according to “Automotivie News Europe”, the Passat 2022 should be discontinued – at least the sedan. The US model should also disappear, and there should be other versions as a variant. The reason given is the switch to e-cars and SUVs, but demand for Passat models has been falling for years.

We look back on almost 50 years of automotive history and seven generations of a German car that conquered the world:

This is how the VW Passat has changed over the years

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