the entry-level version (finally) unveiled

Available in two versions since its launch, the Tesla Model Y gains a new Standard Autonomy version.

Since it first appeared on the market, the Tesla Model Y was only available with the Long Range and Performance versions only. The new compact SUV is now available in a more affordable Standard Range version.

Yet announced during the official presentation of the model, Elon Musk indicated that the Model Y Standard Autonomy will never see the light of day, due to an “unacceptable range”, located below 250 miles EPA (under 402 km). About the billionaire, who is now launching the version in the United States.

392 km of autonomy and seven optional seats

In terms of range, the Tesla Model Y Autonomie Standard announces 244 miles in EPA estimate, or 392 km. The top speed is 217 km / h while the 0-100 km / h is executed in 5.3 seconds. With 132 km less range compared to the Long Range, the Model Y Standard Autonomy is priced at $ 41,990, or $ 8,000 less than the mid-size version.

Tesla is taking advantage of the arrival of this entry-level Model Y to offer the seven-seater option. As on the Model S, the two rear seats are located in the trunk. Two extra seats which still requires a $ 3,000 extension.


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