The event industry files summary proceedings against the State

This is reported by the organization Unmute Us, which is filing summary proceedings with ID&T, Mojo and Apekooi Events.

Not viable

According to the organization, many events are not viable as a result of the measures. “If we are only allowed to run events at 75 percent capacity, that is a disguised refusal of these events. At that capacity, events are simply loss-making.”

The organization also objects to a closing obligation at midnight. “Why can an event or club night before midnight be safe with a corona ticket and is it suddenly dangerous as soon as it is one minute past twelve?”

Industry broken

“This is really a targeted action to destroy our industry”, says initiator Jasper Goossen. Unmute Us and the companies are suing in court to allow all events and club nights to be reopened without restrictions on time and capacity.

The summary proceedings are supported by the Alliance of Event Builders and the Association of Event Makers. Earlier this year ID&T initiated summary proceedings against the State on behalf of the industry, but later withdrew it.

protest marches

Last weekend, Unmute Us organized protest marches in various cities for the second time against the corona measures, which are severely affecting the events sector. More than 150,000 people took to the streets at the time.

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