The event industry sees itself in danger without EU fixed cost subsidies

The event industry is alarmed and fears a “fatal blow”.

I.n the dispute between Austria and the EU Commission about the further payment of the fixed cost subsidy, the representatives of the culture and event industry are now also getting involved. “The culture and events industry is for

Austria is vital and she has held out until now. It is unbelievable that the EU now wants to give it the fatal blow, ”said the community of interests. The rejection of the application submitted by Austria in Brussels would have “catastrophic effects”.

In order to avoid competitive advantages, the EU Commission has to approve state aid such as the fixed-cost subsidy, a corresponding application should have been submitted by Tuesday at the latest. According to the Commission, however, Austria referred to the wrong legal basis – namely a comparison with a natural disaster – which is why no authorization was given.

Finance Minister Gernot Blümel (ÖVP) sees it differently. He couldn’t understand the argument that the catastrophe was over. The event industry also demands “an understanding of the specific situation in Austria”.


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