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The evolution of the fast food industry

On May 15, 1940, 80 years ago, the first McDonald’s opened its doors. Since then, the entire fast food industry has changed significantly. Despite the trend nowadays to eat healthier, fast food is still very popular. Subway investigated the phenomenon.

The very first fast food reportedly appeared in ancient times. Among other things, the Romans sold bread soaked in wine, boiled vegetables and stews for the poor people on the street. Later in the Middle Ages, the menu expanded to include cakes, pastries, flans and waffles. The very first restaurant was opened in 1860. It sold the British fish and chips. Hot dogs and burgers didn’t become very popular in the United States until later in the early 1900s, and that was the start of fast food we know today.

Today we have a huge variety of fast food. Burgers and chips are still the most popular types of junk food consumed worldwide. Still, at the beginning of this era where we are more aware of a healthy lifestyle and the negative effects of fast food many chains decide to include salads and sandwiches in their menu.

The evolution of the fast food industry
A McDonald’s burger menu Photo: Getty Images

Sent concepts?

In China, people turned around KFC a so-called “healthy” concept and called it KFC Pro. This means that you can order salads and paninis with proteins such as shrimp, smoked salmon and grilled (not fried) chicken. “But don’t be fooled,” said experts. Research, published by the Dutch analysis company Elsevier, confirms that eating in such restaurants is unhealthier than it was thirty years ago.

The main reason for this is the significant increase in sodium (salt) in all menu categories, as well as the serving size. So, products can cause an incredible range of diseases, including obesity and heart problems.

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Enjoy in moderation

“If we consume it every now and then, it’s no problem,” says Brenda Chavez. The Spanish-based writer and journalist moors Subway we must understand that it is not healthy and not sustainable. “Healthy for us and our planet is fresh food produced by nature. That is, real food that has not been made by industry and has not been over-processed. So food from arable farming with high-quality raw materials and, if possible, ecological. ”

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The evolution of the fast food industry


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